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Roger in semis

19.07.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger reached the semifinal of the German Open Tennis Championship in Hamburg with a 7-6(4), 3-6, 7-5 victory over Florian Mayer today.

It was hard work for Roger all the way, he won the tie-break of the first set had to drop the second. In the third set, he scored a break twice to take a lead but the German broke back at both occasions. Roger finally went on to close the match, holding serve after another break in the end after exactly 2 hours of play.

Roger will now play Argentina's qualifyer Federico Delbonis (ATP 114) in Saturday's semis.

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07/20/2013 | 02:02 PM
in ourlives and try to achieve the impossible. Even in defeat this man is a champion because he never loses spirit and comes back in one way or another. The author also said that roger helped him in a way to overcome a big problem in his life because he thought that if roger tries the impossible i can also try and if i lose i will know that either i will come bqck chasing the impossible or withdraw as a winner because of his attempta no matter what. What s moreeveryone will have faith in him
07/20/2013 | 01:55 PM
Thanks in advance!! Also someone requested a translation for a greek article i uploaded a few days ago.. unfortunately i am not in a positionto do it right now sincei need a new pc ( my old one stopped working) and all messages i send from you from my phone.. but this article among other things was saying that roger is not simply the best tennis player that walked on this planet but also a player who gives us life lessons that we should never give up no matter what, that we should be bold
07/20/2013 | 01:44 PM
Hi guys! First i would like to wish best of luck to Rogi for today's match: ) second just because i am no tennis expert but i am a huge roger fan, i would like your opinion on .something: i know that it's very good that roger is practising his new racket currently acqaints himself with this 'new tool' however i am not sure if he will need to do this again for the upcoming hard court tournaments since the ball bounces differently in clay than it does in hard surfaces
07/20/2013 | 12:44 PM
Well fought , so happy for your progress! Keep up the good work !
Best wishes.
07/20/2013 | 12:30 PM
Congratulation Roger.It isn't easy for your game with new weapon but you can do it Roger.You will feel better when you use to new racket and i really sure that the new racket will be your new buddy:D..The match excited me and many errors coz you still not use to the focus of new racket.Roger please be patient with the new racket and train day by .It will be very good for struggle with rival who they using new technology for compitation.Train harder and believe in you.Take care,god bless you
07/20/2013 | 11:49 AM
I hope he does not have problems with his back. I have not yet seen the pic with the vest but that sleeveless jumper was lovely, he did look smart. I am having trouble in picking up videos at the moment. Nice article RFWORLD, thankyou. Starts with a lovely photo of the whole of Roger with the jumper, shoes and his lovely legs!
Hope you are fit and well today Roger and the weather and court is better for you. Go for it Rogi, I hope to see this one! Hopp Suisse, allezzzzzz!
07/20/2013 | 11:40 AM
Florian must have woken up this morning wondering where the match has gone. He was very unlucky he did not get through. It was so close, very much a roller coaster, if I had been watching, I would have been behind a sofa. Roger is showing great courage changing his racquet mid season and at the latter end of his career. He is doing a great job. He will make more errors though, bound to! I hope a warm afternoon will be easier on him. He takes great care in keeping his back warm these days.
07/20/2013 | 11:20 AM
Well done Roger. I appreciate when ur matches go the way it went yesterday and then with ur skills, u always find a way to excel cos u re good and disciplined. Florian played very well and fought but being who u re made u prevail. Cos most tennis players re very good especially these days so when matches re not walk overs, but competitive, they add more strength, skill and confidence to subsequent matches. Best of luck in semis. One love.
07/20/2013 | 11:17 AM
What Roger is doing is unprecedented for a top player: changing his racquet to a larger head in the middle of the season... with little pre-tournament practice. Nadal changed his strings (2010), racquet (2012 and 2013) -- but only at the start of a new season after he had weeks/months of practice with the new racquet/strings. Obviously Roger will face teething precision and confidence problems adjusting to a different racquet as players try harder to beat him.