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Out in Hamburg

20.07.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 3

Roger was defeated by Argentine qualifier Federico Delbonis 6-7(7), 6-7(4) in the semifinals in Hamburg today.

"He played well, he was a little more aggressive," Roger said.

Our champ took a 2-1 lead to start with, but was broken right back and had to save two set points to take the set into a tiebreaker. All looked good there as he took a 4-2 lead but did not manage to convert a set point before then dropping the set. Roger had to keep up the fight, defending break points right in his first service game. Eventually taking the set into another tiebreaker, Roger committed a series of errors before Delbonis wrapped up his win.

Next up for Roger is a trip home as he will play the tournament in Gstaad in the Swiss mountains next week.

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07/21/2013 | 04:13 AM
And people.... if Roger thinks by losing he is going to get rid of me as his fan and also the most of you die hard fans..... than he has to think again !!!

We (his diehard fans) were there during the amazing and COUNTLESS wins, so we also must be there during the not so good times.

Afterall, when you are doing good in life and winning a lot, you have a lot of admirers and friends and fans, but the real people are the ones who stick by you through the bad times, right !!!
07/21/2013 | 04:05 AM
People, just like you I am disappointed that Roger lost, but we all hoped for atleast the SF and we got that.

And lets also get real, he did not lose 6-2 6-2, he made Del Bonis go to two tiebreaks. He lost, but he played great. He could have played the important points better, but something was wrong. And kudos to the Goat for not making excuses and giving Del Bonis his due (that he did deserve).
07/21/2013 | 04:02 AM
It's good to see Roger heeding advice about his racquet. Unfortunately it will take time to adjust, which means he will not look good for a while. Djoke looked bad for months after change. Let's hope Rog doesn't give up on the change and go back to the smaller one. (ROG-DON'T!!). We do have to wonder, though, how much of losing is the racquet vs. other factors. Losing to qualifiers?

Frankly, the racquet change should have been last year after the US Open instead of now, in the midst of things
07/21/2013 | 03:36 AM
Sorry for the loss., It was obvious you lost the power compared to the previous ones. Only you know your own conditions. just take care of yourself prepare for N/American hard court season.
07/21/2013 | 03:33 AM
If you had a better first serve, you would have won the match. Your first serves have become worse and worse. In the old days you had far better first seres. When your opponents are younger and stronger, you should consider improving your first serves.
07/21/2013 | 03:20 AM
Roger, you know you just changed racket so it will need time to adjust. You will be ready for the US season!
07/21/2013 | 03:18 AM
Hi Roger,
Please stay strong :) Whether you win or loose, I always hope you are all right. Please don't feel defeated ... because you never will be !
I hope you can have a good rest and a renewing of mind and motivation if you plan to do us open.
I'm with you xxx
07/21/2013 | 03:03 AM

your new life begins now with the new racquet.

You will beat yourself and find your own voice and tone with the new racquet.

I do believe that you creat and build your stylish charactor with your heart.

Sir, hope is on the way.
07/21/2013 | 12:59 AM
Hi Roger,
The match was not bad. Yes, I noticed again struggle from on your side either because of this new racket or back problems you might have. Clearly, something bothered you for the last two days, here in Hamburg.
Anyway, it was a pleasure to watch you play.
All the best next week in Gstaad.
07/21/2013 | 12:56 AM
Roger, you know you just changed racket so it will need time to adjust. You will be ready for the US season, so long as yoi stay mentally tough. Please do not panic, just enjoy Gstaad. You will be fabulous.
Lots of love. X