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Out in Hamburg

20.07.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 3

Roger was defeated by Argentine qualifier Federico Delbonis 6-7(7), 6-7(4) in the semifinals in Hamburg today.

"He played well, he was a little more aggressive," Roger said.

Our champ took a 2-1 lead to start with, but was broken right back and had to save two set points to take the set into a tiebreaker. All looked good there as he took a 4-2 lead but did not manage to convert a set point before then dropping the set. Roger had to keep up the fight, defending break points right in his first service game. Eventually taking the set into another tiebreaker, Roger committed a series of errors before Delbonis wrapped up his win.

Next up for Roger is a trip home as he will play the tournament in Gstaad in the Swiss mountains next week.

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07/21/2013 | 08:15 PM
Dearest Roger, sorry your back is so often preventing you from playing your best this year. What with that and the new racquet you achieved wonders yesterday. Congratulations to Delbonis on a grest match, however.
Roger, your courage and sportsmanship are exemplary as always. You will get well and I look forward to the return of The Mighty Fed!
07/21/2013 | 08:13 PM
This week, 'The Resurrection Begins at Gstaad'....I have a feeling that this is going to be a great week for Federer and his supporters.
07/21/2013 | 08:07 PM

I have a lot of his pictures in my room. He is the first one I see when I wake up and the last one I see when I go to sleep !!!

I love the man you know, true fan of his, always and forever.
07/21/2013 | 08:03 PM

Thank you for your compliment !!! Roger needs our support. He lost to Delbonis, but he fought. Even through the pain. He did not or could not even sit during the breaks. He was in pain, but Delbonis deserved to win, he played great.

And.... the "Defeating-Roger-Has a consequence-Curse" continues.
Delbonis won, but Roger took all his energy away from him.
He lost the Final to Fognini.
07/21/2013 | 08:02 PM
Here's hoping Roger can do better in Gstaad. Nice to see him change his racket to a bigger head. Hopefully he will feel more confident next week. He needs a big confidence boost before the American swing. Go Roger. We all love you and wish you the best for the rest of the season. You just have to believe in yourself because your fans do.
07/21/2013 | 07:57 PM

You're welcome. Roger did so much for us fans. The least thing we can do is support him no matter what. I even wear a little medallion around my neck with a small picture of Roger in it. So he is always with me :)
07/21/2013 | 07:42 PM

Hey, thank you for your reply to me. And don't worry. Fans like us, the real fans, won't leave Roger alone. He deserves our support after everything he gave us.

We will be oke, because he will be oke.....
07/21/2013 | 07:32 PM
Nadal's tactic to infinately return to get attacking chance or get opponent's errors is working very well especially on opponent service game because it gives so much pressure on opponent when he serves making them not playing as good as themselves. Roger your recent loss comes from your weakened returning game. you still have your service game well but you cannot break opponents service game as well as in the past. apply Nadal's tactic on opponent's service game. you will have a lot of success.
07/21/2013 | 07:22 PM
so basically when you don't have a chance to attack, don't attack to make unforced errors but send tricky hard moon balls to tricky place. this is what Nadal do so well. Nadal doesn't have talent and suck but he use this tricks so well that he has some success... you gotta use this trick too to beat nadal... you will win because you have infinately more talent...
07/21/2013 | 07:18 PM
Roger.... I can see you are trying to improve.....yes... return without errors and neutralize and attack....attack first and if opponent return well, don't give up neutralize and attack again.... improve your backhand....your attacking talent is a lot better than crap nadal and djokovic who only know to return infinately....yes watch djokovic and nadal matches and apply their returning games to your attacking games.. don't give up on rallies because it gets pressure off of your opponent...