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Gstaad: the draw

22.07.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger is back at the Crédit Agricole Suisse Open in Gstaad.

After a first round bye and seeded as no. 1, Roger will try to repeat his 2004 victory in the Swiss mountains.

In his first match, Roger will meet the winner of the match between Daniel Brands and his friend Marco Chiudinelli. In the quarter final, he could play Spain's Bautista Agut before a meeting with Argentia's Juan Monaco is likely in the semis. In the final, a Swiss encounter with Stanislas Wawrinka could be possible.

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07/23/2013 | 08:44 AM
Roger congrats with the birthday of your two angels.....

Charlene Riva and Myla Rose....
07/23/2013 | 08:44 AM
Hey Congrats with William's and Kate's baby boy
to all the English people on this site .......
07/23/2013 | 08:42 AM

Don't bother. Save your time and breath. Don't go argueing with stupid fans on Bleacher Report. You will lose the fight, they will come back to give more stupid comments and you will only get frustrated.

We know what Roger is and they are just jealous. That article about Andy beeing better that Roger, why not is Andy better than Rafa or Novak? Why Roger?

I think even Andy will see that it is a stupid article.
07/23/2013 | 08:35 AM
Happy B'day to Myla Rose and Charlene Riva! I hope they have a great day. All the best in Gstaad Rog !
07/23/2013 | 08:34 AM
this is really getting too much!!! How can somebody think of murray being greater than roger huh?? just one wimbledon win does not make him even half of the half of the half great as roger is perhaps not even that much!!! winning a gold medal and more head to head wins against roger is not enough to be great!!!!! When roger was at murray's age i.e. 26 he had already consolidated the tennis world and murray still lacks THE SKILL TO BE GREAT!!! how can people even think about this crap??
07/23/2013 | 08:15 AM
man i hate murray these days just look at this question http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ahulcdsd0uL1DniiH3kku90hBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20130710040422AA5yrWc

the poster is obsessed with m urray

and currently i am arguing with some mrray fans on a bleacher report page about them saying murray is better than djokovic on a hc
07/23/2013 | 08:09 AM
Happy Birthday to Charlene and Myle. Have a great day!
07/23/2013 | 08:01 AM
And uncle toni admits a thing what we already know!!hahaha yourself toni nadal.If that is your strategy to win i m afraid it sucks for sure!
07/23/2013 | 07:56 AM
Here's wishing both of your very cute daughters happy birthday.May they have a glorious life like their awesome father and may God keep them very healthy and happy forever.all the best for your matches roger :*
07/23/2013 | 07:17 AM
First I want to say Happy B'day to your beautiful daughters Charlene and Myla. They're so cute!! And it seems they've your sense of humor :)

And second; wow, Tony Nadal admits he cheats during matches. I knew there was something about that guy. Let's hope Nadal himself will follow, but I'm afraid that will never happen :(