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Roger loses to Brands

25.07.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 3

Roger had to admit a 3-6, 4-6 defeat against Daniel Brands in Gstaad today.

Roger had a total of five break-balls during the entire match, unfortunately he wasn't able to make use of any of them. "It did get better from day to day this week. Only after the warm-up did I decide if I would play," Roger said to the problems he is currently experiencing with his back.

Monday in a week is the start in Montreal, followed by the tournaments in the US. "I will give myself three, four days time and will discuss with the team. We'll take it from there," Roger added in regard to his participation in Canada.

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07/31/2013 | 10:10 AM
oh yeah its in description nevermind
07/31/2013 | 10:08 AM
any spanish people who can translate this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T40wPhBW-_k&feature=player_detailpage

nadals response to djokvices dad
07/31/2013 | 09:41 AM
Lets show the world and Roger that his diehard fans are mature and care more about him and his health and his happiness than about trivial things.

Roger does not need us "fighting" between ourselves, but clearly he needs our love, our trust in him and our support.

Lets bond over the thing we ALL have in common.....


07/31/2013 | 09:37 AM
Hey people, this is for all the commentators, but especially for Yukimi & Fancyfree. Don't be mad at me, but can we please leave this pointless discussion of "writing in capital or not" and "proveread your comment before you send" alone?? There are FAR more important things going on in the world than to worry about something so unimportant. This is Roger's site for us all. You don't have to be a English professor to write your feelings. Roger won't like this too AND he needs our support more
07/31/2013 | 09:35 AM

Still nothing..
07/31/2013 | 09:21 AM
Any news about Roger playing Montreal???
07/31/2013 | 05:53 AM
I shall die fighting for the right for him to say whatever he wants to say. I believe in the freedom of speech also.
But I reserve the freedom to tell him that " please do not be a joker senior for you are not helping your son too much by saying all those things. Not at all.
Our dearest Maestro, you have a wonderful, classy, and noble father. Kudos to him.
Long to see you play again. But am happy also that finally you can take a real rest if you skip Montreal. win/win situat
07/31/2013 | 05:49 AM
One blessing is next year you have less points to defend. There is always positiveness from all the negativeness I was told. So 2014 for sure for sure will be a better year.
Meanwhile really please take as much rest as possible. Our dearest Maestro, really you have nothing to prove. Remember you play because you love the game. And we all love you.
Please relax and please not to be sad.
Please ignore what Mr. Djokervic senior is saying. I may not agree with what he says bu
07/31/2013 | 05:46 AM
Please Maestro, listen to your body !! Your health comes first. Nothing else is more important than your health our love.
I am sorry that you have been plagued by back problems since you were young. I understand that you were exempted from military duties due to this congenital problem. I believe you have worked hard to cope and conquer the major part of it and that led to the top of the tennis world. Kudos to all that.
So I believe you will find a way to conquer this one. Yes you can.
07/31/2013 | 03:50 AM
Roger, it would be so nice to see you in Montreal, but you have to feel well and only you know how you feel.
Missing you a lot. There is nobody to watch. Tennis will be out of my heart for a little while.
Please come back as soon as you can.
May God bless you and give you good health.
love you so much.
marie in mtl