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Thank you!

08.08.2013 | Off Court, Starseite 3

Dear Fans

Thank you so much for all your messages, cards, letters and gifts for my birthday! It has been a wonderful day. I would really like to take the opportunity to thank you all once again for your continued support. A lot of you have been out there behind me for so many years and it is incredible to have such a huge and welcoming "family" around the whole world. I am really looking forward to many more exciting and unforgettable moments with all of you.


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08/18/2013 | 01:04 PM
Happy Birthday Roger!

I suppose that all the advises which could be given by me would be absolutely known by you already. So I just would like to wish you to remain healthy and concentrated and to be able to control yourself as precisely as you expect it from yourself.

We fans are still going to support you for long-long years for sure!
Best wishes.... Pete ;)
08/17/2013 | 03:57 AM
We are never let down of you don't win Roger, we are only let down of your not there. Tonight the ball was out. I don't know why you didn't challenge. I will not
question the master, but I will say this. You have not lost a single thing in your game. All that greatness is there inside you. We saw that tonight. I don't know what is in your mind Roger, but please do not allow it to out shine your magnificent game. From your self proclaimed biggest fan in the world.
08/17/2013 | 03:47 AM
Roger,there're so Many reasons to thank 'You' for being in our world.
Today,I thank you for Still loving tennis enough to FIGHT so ferociously like you did tonight.It isn't all just about a win but moving forward.You do-beautifully.As you said,"Every match gives me more info to tell me if I'm on the right path or not.I'm a strong believer that I'm on the right path.." So,'stay on the path you can clearly see,stay with the growth and truth of Roger-Federer-Allee'.Forward,Roger Allez! Stay well:)
08/15/2013 | 10:52 PM
Tommy: tough
Roger: tougher

Thank 'You' Roger for a great fight.Best of luck in the quarters.:)
08/15/2013 | 10:44 PM
It's just 7 days after Your Birthday but I have to write here!!! So Happy Birthday!!! Stay healthy and confident!!! Enjoy every match on tour with fans and family!!! You are 32 and many years of great tennis before You!!! GOO ROGER!!! GOO!!!
08/15/2013 | 02:11 AM
Like Us On Facebook If You Agree Roger Is The Best <3 :)
Roger Federer the Best Tennis Player in the World

08/14/2013 | 02:39 AM
i like you to bits but annoying RAFA is coming upß big time whats your plan???????
08/13/2013 | 03:26 PM
HI Roger! I was at Roger's Cup on your birthday. I had a balloon for you and got on Tennistv.com ! I was hoping you'd see me! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!
The tournament was quite boring without you.
LOve Janice
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