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Thank you!

08.08.2013 | Off Court, Starseite 3

Dear Fans

Thank you so much for all your messages, cards, letters and gifts for my birthday! It has been a wonderful day. I would really like to take the opportunity to thank you all once again for your continued support. A lot of you have been out there behind me for so many years and it is incredible to have such a huge and welcoming "family" around the whole world. I am really looking forward to many more exciting and unforgettable moments with all of you.


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08/11/2013 | 04:49 AM
Oh and did you notice that Novak is growing his hair and was clean shaven? Is he trying to emulate Roger? lol
08/11/2013 | 04:48 AM
He's my second favourite after Roger. I do like Mediterranean men so ..... !!! lol Good match. Good night all.
08/11/2013 | 04:17 AM
Fancyfree, did not know you are a Rafa fan? Or do you just want him to win today? I don't. I want Novak to win. Would love Raonic to win the title, but I don't see that happen.
08/11/2013 | 04:16 AM
My apologies - It's late! Yes RAMCHARAN!
08/11/2013 | 04:15 AM
Fancyfree, you talking to me?
08/11/2013 | 04:08 AM
Hi Ranchman! Unlike you Kenna I want Rafa to win and complete with Roger's imminent success, as it were, normal service will be resumed!!!
08/11/2013 | 03:47 AM
Its going the similar pattern like 2011 IW and Miami finals... Nadal won 1st 6-4 and Djoko got the 2nd 6-3. Let's see what the scoreline looks like in the 3rd..
08/11/2013 | 03:43 AM
Yessssssssss. Thank God Novak got back. I am sleepy to. It is 03:42 in Holland right now and...... Fancyfree I think we are the only one awake and watching !!!
08/11/2013 | 03:36 AM
Just what I need! Novak has broken.
08/11/2013 | 03:29 AM
No problem. Yes it looks like Rafa and I hope in two sets as I'm yawning and really should go to bed!