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Thank you!

08.08.2013 | Off Court, Starseite 3

Dear Fans

Thank you so much for all your messages, cards, letters and gifts for my birthday! It has been a wonderful day. I would really like to take the opportunity to thank you all once again for your continued support. A lot of you have been out there behind me for so many years and it is incredible to have such a huge and welcoming "family" around the whole world. I am really looking forward to many more exciting and unforgettable moments with all of you.


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08/11/2013 | 02:01 AM
Lol FANCYFREE, if that ever happens I'd like to join you.

I think he would need a little team of PR bods, i wish i could meet him.

08/11/2013 | 01:32 AM
THEREALMRSRF I think Roger should employ me for his London PR! lol
08/11/2013 | 01:23 AM
To be honest Roger, please seek the truth of yourself and trust your gut no matter what size of racquets to use.

I believe you are still a strong force to beat the toppest players, but you must best your own first.

Very best.
08/11/2013 | 01:20 AM
Dear Roger

Even though today is not 08-08-2013 anymore but I would like to say happy birthday again, Roger! In honor of your big day, I made a post about you on my blog. I would very happy if you want to read it in your spare time :) Happy birthday, Roger. You're the greatest of all time! Here's link to my blog: http://dummypinkypiggy.blogspot.com/2013/08/happy-birthday-to-you.html

Forever your fan,
08/11/2013 | 01:00 AM
Thanks for the interview link FANCYFREE nice job

08/11/2013 | 12:59 AM
Another hour before the other semi final. Who is going to watch it?
08/11/2013 | 12:58 AM
Thank you. Poor Juan Martin. He lost his serve as a result..