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Cincinnati: the draw

11.08.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

The draw for the Masters-1000 tournament in Cincinnati is out, Roger's path to a sixth victory is no easy one.

After a first-round bye he will either play his first match against Mardy Fish (ATP 78) or Philipp Kohlschreiber (ATP 24). In the quarter-finals, a meeting with Rafael Nadal is possible before Andy Murray could then be waiting in the semis.

As defending champion, Roger is aiming at his sixth victory in Cincinnati after 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2012.

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08/15/2013 | 10:50 PM
It looked hard. But it will be nice tournament!!! So good luck all the tournament and in every match!!! GOO ROGER!!! GOO!!!
08/15/2013 | 05:01 PM

Stop questioning Roger game. Roger decided to go back to his old racquet. The new racquet takes time to adjust to it. We ought to appreciate Roger win regardless how he played. Roger can't win everything like you expect him to do. Roger is not a robot. If you want a robot go to Nadal (cheater). Roger is getting older. I am going to enjoy Roger game now and enjoy him while he is playing. Please appreciate Roger. Roger is trying his best. He will be back. We got to be patient.
08/14/2013 | 08:45 PM
oops...correction: waste
08/14/2013 | 08:43 PM
And the aces are back....great!!!!!
08/14/2013 | 08:41 PM
Magnificent!!! You're really back!
People, stop giving RF advises. He played wonderfully. It's not like he's going to start running like a mouse from right to left at the baseline; it's not his style. Besides he doesn't need to waist this extra energy because he's a lot more resourceful than baseline-only players.
Love your game Roger!!!
08/14/2013 | 07:08 AM
If the information of SDANU is correct, it's really worrying. It means Roger is really undecided which is a sign of loss of determination. If this mindset stays on the steep decline will surely continue.
08/14/2013 | 06:40 AM
Good one Roger. Keep going. It needs to be improved a bit. Please try to play with much more ease. No probs, you are going to find the corners. Please do not let the opponent force you play backhand for a long time in any rally. Just be a bit more aggressive... All the best!!!
08/14/2013 | 06:30 AM
winning tournament is not that important main thing is he find his rhythm and timing of shots so that he is prepared for us open
08/14/2013 | 06:25 AM
Roger, well done & good luck for yr next round opponent
08/14/2013 | 06:23 AM
My fellow RF fans, do NOT blindly believe that Roger will win Cincy and get disappointed later.
Just carefully observe his game and then think rationally and logically about his chances of winning against the best.
Roger's game today did NOT at all look good and NOT at all convincing. Same unforced errors story.
Why did he NOT use the 98 inch prototype when it has improved his baseline game so much with less effort ? This question is driving me crazy.
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