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Cincinnati: the draw

11.08.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

The draw for the Masters-1000 tournament in Cincinnati is out, Roger's path to a sixth victory is no easy one.

After a first-round bye he will either play his first match against Mardy Fish (ATP 78) or Philipp Kohlschreiber (ATP 24). In the quarter-finals, a meeting with Rafael Nadal is possible before Andy Murray could then be waiting in the semis.

As defending champion, Roger is aiming at his sixth victory in Cincinnati after 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2012.

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08/13/2013 | 09:17 PM
FANCYFREE,if you read the comments carefully,you would know i'm HULIETTA,not MISSFED.And what do you mean by insult?is being young an insult?That was what insulted you?You accused a bunch of fans of being people full of hate.....
08/13/2013 | 09:16 PM
BOTING, r u there? I often enjoy the your stirring... Don't believe that u always believe what u post.
08/13/2013 | 09:15 PM
ITSANKUR well,i was a student when jones was running and she was being tested in every olympic games........so was armstrong......
anyway,i'm just saying my thoughts(which you called stupid and insulted me although you should just think about it,i'm not saying accept)my problem isn't that you don't agree with me,you just have a different opinion,but i don't want to be accused of hate,i don't hate anyone.Hate is a strong negative feeling.There are thousands people who believe the same as me.
08/13/2013 | 09:11 PM
Missfed, the posts are appearing so quickly that it's hard to keep up at the momnet. However I have found the comment you made and which I then responded to - "Someone could say that you hate Mirka,then,since you talked about her in such a horrible way today.So,think before you accuse people of such an awful feeling as hate……"

I maintain I don't hate Mirka. I don't know her.

There is no parallel with the main problematic issue.

As for my age, please don't insult me.
08/13/2013 | 09:10 PM
psychic!!!!!!!!! Optimism is good but how could you take simple comments so ridiculously flipped!!
08/13/2013 | 09:06 PM

I am not psychic.... I hope Roger will do well this season. This year has been an awful year. I am hoping that Roger will have a good season starting from now.
08/13/2013 | 09:05 PM
well said... that also includes YOU!!!!
08/13/2013 | 09:04 PM
What are you are on about Boting? Your messages are confusing!
08/13/2013 | 09:04 PM
Dearest Roger
I am so sorry I missed your Birthday. Glad you had a good day.Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.
Love Flump
08/13/2013 | 09:04 PM
just to show that I am not ignoring you...we should not enter into that topic... we dont know how many times nadal has been tested during this period... do you?
hmm... eagerly waiting to know that...such an important thing for Roger's future.