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Roger advances

14.08.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger has secured a spot in the round of the last sixteen in Cincinnati thanks to a 6-3, 7-6(7) victory against Germany's Philipp Kohlschreiber.


After missing last week`s event in Montreal Roger made his first appearance on the North American hardcourt since Indian Wells. "It was important to play a clean match. I had a few tough weeks, months behind me, I was happy to play a clean match. I told myself I was not going to come back until I felt no pain in my back. Eventually I started to workout very hard," Roger said.

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08/15/2013 | 09:13 PM
Let's hold out for him guys
08/15/2013 | 09:13 PM
On a purely selfish basis I hope he doesn't do a Bartoli. I have tickets to watch him in Brisbane. :(
08/15/2013 | 09:12 PM
Roger, snap out of it!!!!!!!Now!
08/15/2013 | 09:11 PM
Looking better. BTW, please noooooo talk that Roger should retire.
08/15/2013 | 09:11 PM
Better …..
08/15/2013 | 09:10 PM
Final score would be 1-6, 2-6 (a guess) and Haas will lose the next match like roger losing today.
No preparation for USO and its possible that roger may get knocked out in 1st or 2nd round of USO

Hope i am wrong but doesn't look like
08/15/2013 | 09:10 PM
Why isn't someone shaking Roger out of this funk...it's so horrible to see Roger unhappy
08/15/2013 | 09:08 PM
Sincerely hope we will not see another Bartoli type press conf today......
Roger does not deserve this.....He has done so much for / to tennis........
What a mess !!!!!
08/15/2013 | 09:08 PM
For this there must be something very wrong, big time. Must be either a physical problem or he has lost interest in the game, cannot believe the last though.
Come on Roger!
08/15/2013 | 09:07 PM
Is Federer playing today ? or is it FedERROR that i am seeing now ?
Too painful to watch him mishitting, shanking simple shots..
Its high time to make a final decision on the racquet.