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Roger defeats Haas

15.08.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger has booked a spot in the quarter-finals in Cincinnati with a 1-6, 7-5, 6-3 victory over Germany's Tommy Haas. 


It was a tough fight for Roger in the beginning as he only managed to find his game trailing 1-6, 2-4, to the delight of the spectators. Next up is either Rafael Nadal or Grigor Dimitrov. And then it would be a further, tough path with Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic as possible opponents for the semis and then the final.

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08/17/2013 | 03:35 AM
It was nice match!!! After first set you raised!!! It was great!!! GOO ROGER!!! GOO!!!
08/17/2013 | 03:34 AM
You have played a wonderful tennis tonight because you did it with your heart! Congratulations Man, to win the US open you got have eyes of tiger!
Lots of luck, your real fans are proud of you...
08/17/2013 | 03:33 AM
I hope being ranked Number 7 gives Roger the motivation and inspiration he needs to keep playing. It will be a sad day if it doesn't.
You fought really hard and played so well, up until middle of second set.
Look forward to US Open.
All the Best Roger
08/17/2013 | 03:32 AM
you had him he annoying everybody exept rafa fans. he will be nr. one again as Long the knees hold sorry but in the Moment he is the best Player and it Looks like he is the favourite for US Open
08/17/2013 | 03:32 AM
Such a shame !!! Why ? What is it ? He had it ?
Somebody tell me !!!!
08/17/2013 | 03:31 AM
Oh well the yellow jerseys seem to outlast everybody in the sports world. I wonder I wonder.
Please not to worry Maestro. There is justice in nature. Please be patient. All truth will come out in time.
Please take a good rest and be ready for USO.
Love you .
08/17/2013 | 03:31 AM
I wish he'd have met Roger here when the latter was little younger... But anyway good that he fought till the end...
08/17/2013 | 03:31 AM
you are the best player ever, you showed it today with some magnificent tennis,, but its over now and i know what i am saying because i am one of your biggest fans, the succes you had years ago will knever come back,

its over
a true fan
08/17/2013 | 03:30 AM
No more grand slams for Roger the top three dismiss him now and can hang with his shots.
08/17/2013 | 03:28 AM
As I said earlier here please could someone kneecap Rafa! lol