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Roger defeats Haas

15.08.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger has booked a spot in the quarter-finals in Cincinnati with a 1-6, 7-5, 6-3 victory over Germany's Tommy Haas. 


It was a tough fight for Roger in the beginning as he only managed to find his game trailing 1-6, 2-4, to the delight of the spectators. Next up is either Rafael Nadal or Grigor Dimitrov. And then it would be a further, tough path with Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic as possible opponents for the semis and then the final.

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08/17/2013 | 05:11 AM
Roger, don't be sad, angry or dissapointed with this loss, pls forget this loss & forget about your ranking also..Roger, u actually play very well today focus on Nadal backhand more, even though Nadal also attack more on yr backhand..there some bad luck against u today with net court..just stay healty, fit, injury free & get ready for US Open..we will always support & behind u forever even u win or loss..even the US people also..becoz we all enjoy watching u play tennis
08/17/2013 | 05:10 AM
You may think I have totally lost it, but next year, Roger will have figured out the last details of how to beat Rafa. Next year Rafa will be not this unbeatable. Look how many players lose to him, but do manage to take a set from him or manage to have matchpoints.
I honestly believe (with his smaller racquet or the bigger racquet) Roger will beat Rafa a lot next year, if his back holds up and if Rafa gets that far.
I also believe that Roger will beat Rafa next year on clay. Yes, I did say that
08/17/2013 | 05:04 AM
You may think I am crazy, but Roger is getting closer and closer to beating Rafa.
He played aggressive, did not make it this time, but next time or year he will.
Although Rafa is unbeatable, more and more players are getting his number.
More and more players (not even top players) are taking sets from him. Players like Dimitrov and our Hero.
Roger lost today, but that is because he was playing Rafa 2013.
Don't buy for a second that Roger will keep losing to Rafa over and over again. NO.
08/17/2013 | 05:04 AM
Very good match Roger! Definite improvement on all levels! Sad to see you lose of course but very proud and hopeful :) LOVe You Much!!
08/17/2013 | 05:04 AM
Great play today against Nadal Roger! It was extremely close and a few points here and there decided the winner! Keep it up for the US open! You are always our champ!
08/17/2013 | 05:02 AM
The supreme classic game between the two - the best tennis players like old time.
08/17/2013 | 04:58 AM
No need to be disappointed, our Chanmp played his best match this year, at least 80% of the level when he's at his best. Keeping this standard and his health, he can at least reach QF of US Open; if he could reduce his unforced errors and get a little bit more of luck and, depeding on whom he will face at QF, he may go deeper. We all love you, our Champ. Best.
08/17/2013 | 04:58 AM
and now i m going to my bed because i m tired,

i really hope roger wins the us open, goodluck champ
08/17/2013 | 04:55 AM
But before I get nasty comments from some of you, kudos to Rafa.
He was "outplayed" by Roger till the second set 4-4, turned it around at played really great after that. But I do hope Delpo or Berdych wins the title.

And I was worried for Roger this year, but my God, did you see his level of play??? Bring on USO. Roger is back and can win USO. Just hope he does not have Rafa in his half.

Truely, this is Rafa's year and we have to deal with it.
08/17/2013 | 04:54 AM
conclusion is roger his return game especially against nadal and murray, if he just improve this aspect of his game and not give his opponents so many free points he will win titles and can be nr 1 again because he is so much better than the rest, but he needs to work harder..

a true fan (or else i would be sleeping now, instead of typing all of this messages)
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