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Roger defeats Haas

15.08.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger has booked a spot in the quarter-finals in Cincinnati with a 1-6, 7-5, 6-3 victory over Germany's Tommy Haas. 


It was a tough fight for Roger in the beginning as he only managed to find his game trailing 1-6, 2-4, to the delight of the spectators. Next up is either Rafael Nadal or Grigor Dimitrov. And then it would be a further, tough path with Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic as possible opponents for the semis and then the final.

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08/17/2013 | 04:53 AM
Roger, I saw you match againts Nadal, I think you played very well ... soory for my comment, I think you need to attack him more, but you played very samart. I think your raquet is ok, maybe you coudl change at the same framework, but 95 inch. Do not change to the 98 inch., this framework is you, you play very well with it.
You are the best. Regards
08/17/2013 | 04:51 AM
Hey guys, don't be sad. Roger is back !!! Can you believe that this is the same guy who played "poorly" against Haasi? And if Roger wanted he could have "lost" to Haasi to avoid Rafa. But he didn't. Today he was not outplayed or destroyed. Rafa won, but boy, did our Goat made him work for it or what? And lets go easy on Roger. Even Novak outplayed Rafa and still lost this year.
This is Rafa's year and Rafa's world and we have to deal with it for now. Wait till he falls and Roger rises.
08/17/2013 | 04:47 AM
And on the retirement issue, I strongly feel it has to be his decision, entirely his right to decide when and how to retire because he knows his body and mind, prospects and possibilities much more than anybody else. And of course for great champions it helps if you can retire at your peak! But it does not happen to everyone or according to your plans. Some champions love to continue playing, whether they win or lose. So when our Champ decides its time, I will accept and respect that!
08/17/2013 | 04:40 AM
Ahhhh!!! so he lost to Nadal!!! I was not able to watch I always get nervous if he is playing Nadal and I hate seeing him lose to this guy...maybe fed has put in his mind it's difficult or even impossible to win against nadal?

anyhow it could have been an even match had this two met on the same age level...rafa is younger by 5 yrs?!! that's his advantage!!!
08/17/2013 | 04:40 AM
Ofcourse Roger has to be healthy and 100% fit but to me it is the abundance of confidence, undying hunger to win- control under tremendous pressure and nerve which will bring him the results because he has enormous skills and vast experience and age is not such a big issue because many over 30s are doing well.
08/17/2013 | 04:35 AM
Roger you are much more talented than Nadal! but it's a little waste of talent even after you got sick by mono virus in 2008 because you don't utillize your talent enough with too many errors. you will win next time!! US Open is yours!!! 18 Grand Slams!!! next year, you will all four grand slams.
08/17/2013 | 04:33 AM
Awesome match against Nadal. Full stop. You played out of this world and so did Nadal, he just got his torero fighting mode going on strong in the end and that made him win. But this close match means that the US open will be a hot tournament to watch; anybody can win it, you too! Thank you for your beautiful display of tennis today, such a joy to watch
08/17/2013 | 04:30 AM
Disappointing match!!! but Its okay....I see you've improved a lot for this poor year!!! It's okay Roger!!! learn the mental play from Nadal!!! and keep bothering him without making errors with your amazing attacking game!!! keep playing every match as if every marches are practice to beat nadal...when you play nadal, don't feel pressure to beat him but do just what you need to do beat him@!! you know it well yourself!
08/17/2013 | 04:27 AM
sdanu, do you really think he doesnt care, i am not so sure, you dont see the dissapointement on his face after a los, he has everything, 17 gs titles, money, houses, cars, everything we all could dream of, and yes this is his life, but believe me, a champion like him wants to win, there is going to be a day that he will retire and i personally hope that its going to be in style and not as a top 100 ranked player
08/17/2013 | 04:25 AM
Hey Champ, you did good, what I had hoped before the match... Whatever the outcome, take it to him and make him work hard and that's what you did... Tough luck, didn't go your way... But you can take something from this experience... He can be beaten pretty good if you have the right mindset.. Hope Berdych & DelPo watched this match and learned something for next 2 days...