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Roger defeats Haas

15.08.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger has booked a spot in the quarter-finals in Cincinnati with a 1-6, 7-5, 6-3 victory over Germany's Tommy Haas. 


It was a tough fight for Roger in the beginning as he only managed to find his game trailing 1-6, 2-4, to the delight of the spectators. Next up is either Rafael Nadal or Grigor Dimitrov. And then it would be a further, tough path with Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic as possible opponents for the semis and then the final.

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08/17/2013 | 04:08 AM
SHAKILA, i too feel the same way u do when someone talks rubbish about Rafa. But i hope Roger finds a way to improve his BH return and BH on high bouncing balls sooner. That is what caused him this match. And what better way to improve those 2, that to use the new racquet.
Anybody here has any other ideas on how to improve those 2 weaknesses of Roger ????
08/17/2013 | 04:06 AM
☆ You played very well our great lion!!! Was excellent in the first set, you fought and this fills us with admiration for being an example of determination and courage. We are proud of you Roger!!! Have a good rest and a good preparation for the U.S. OPEN!!! ☆

☼ You are a brilliant champion and a great man!!! ☼

♥ We love you so much!!! ♥

08/17/2013 | 04:04 AM
It is hurtful when I see bad comments about Rafa. From what I've read and known Rafa respects and admires Roger a lot and its mutual although Rafa has probably defeated him more times than others and he never said anything bad about our Champ. A great champion can always appreciate another great champion- the petty ones never value greatness! Anyway I'm very sad but still very hopeful of our Champ in US Open and beyond! Stay happy and healthy dear Champ! We are always with you!
08/17/2013 | 04:03 AM
MTC I agree. He snarls as if he is going to war. Roger played great and I hope he will not be too discouraged going into the US Open.
08/17/2013 | 04:03 AM
MTC I agree. He snarls as if he is going to war. Roger played great and I hope he will not be too discouraged going into the US Open.
08/17/2013 | 04:02 AM
FANCYFREE, good to have someone also noticing the good deeds of Roger's opponents..
MISTERKAY, Roger should be aiming to win US open.. a semi final appearance should NOT satisfy him. And to win US open he must think of how he can strengthen his BH return and BH on the high bouncing balls.
08/17/2013 | 04:00 AM
Cannot believe this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Roger shd go 2 a psychitrist....100%. What is this going on ? He played so well, 1st set, till 4-4 in the 2nd, just 1 game he plays bad & he blows his mind out ?? So much that he does not challenge the last pt? Nadal literally bites the court 2 get any pt, somehow, anyhow, each pt. Why Roger ? Why ? It wd hv been deuce, u wr hitting so well in the last game...anything cd hv happened....why Roger? why?
08/17/2013 | 03:57 AM
That was nice to see Rafa clapping Roger as he left the court.
08/17/2013 | 03:56 AM
fancyfree, i think he still had challenges left coz even the commentators were kind of puzzled....its a pity coz when I watched that play sitting in my living room I instantly thought thats a challenge-worthy ball...well, nonetheless, Roger played really well and I think his prospects at the US open look promising....semi-finals if he plays like this and after that who knows....