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Roger defeated by Rafa

17.08.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger showed a strong match against Rafael Nadal in Cincinnati, but eventually had to admit a close 7-5, 4-6, 3-6 defeat.

"I'm happy with my progress along the way," Roger said. "Could have won tonight; should have won tonight. Who knows? But at the end, I think Rafa's confidence and the way he's playing at the moment got him through."

Our champ was in good shape, he varied his serve excellently and moved very well. After winning the first set, at 4-4 in the second, he was just 6 points away from winning the match. He made the 27-year-old Spaniard work for it from beginning to end, when he saved four match points before falling.

As defending champion Roger will drop over 800 points - making him fall back to number 7 behind Tomas Berdych and Juan Martin del Potro in the rankings.

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08/22/2013 | 05:06 AM
very nice video on MY WISH on espn. they didn,t show everything beatriz mentioned but it had to be compact i guess. i watched all of the kids and they were all good segments all week. very touching to watch. anyway good luck to him in us open. how many times have journalists and old ex players buried roger? we will see what happens in the future. when it's time to retire roger and team will know. until that time comes, i will cheer him on win or lose. lifetime fan here.
08/22/2013 | 03:57 AM
Another gs will not prove any thing more because simply you are the most talented player ever
08/22/2013 | 02:23 AM
John McEnroe cannot see another GS for Roger.. We'll see.. In 2011, he said that Roger would lose to Novak before RG SF, that he'd never again reach to No1.. I believe he can win 2 GS for the rest of his career..
08/22/2013 | 02:00 AM
Good thing Roger is smart enough and do not listen any negative comment from people who hate him. He is the owner of his own life and tennis is part of it. Thank you, Roger, for all you have done, for those brilliant moments during all these years and more to come. God bless you, my dear!!!
08/22/2013 | 01:15 AM
All the best for a super U.S. Open, Roger!!!!!!!!
08/22/2013 | 12:11 AM

Very constructive... Than who is asking you to stay and watch him lose??
Please go to another winner's site (Rafa's site) and leave Roger and his real fans alone...
08/21/2013 | 11:40 PM
Retire you idiot or fire your coach. Do something, tired of seeing you lose over and over again. Very disappointing year so far I am sure it is the same for you. Hopefully your cheerleaders will let me post this one. Seriously, talking of police state, this is the worst site ever in terms of censorship.
08/21/2013 | 11:29 PM
BTW, who's that mystery opponent on this anniversary? It's today, right? Did anyone know?
08/21/2013 | 11:25 PM
Lucky women.. Roger is looking so so handsome!