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Roger defeated by Rafa

17.08.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger showed a strong match against Rafael Nadal in Cincinnati, but eventually had to admit a close 7-5, 4-6, 3-6 defeat.

"I'm happy with my progress along the way," Roger said. "Could have won tonight; should have won tonight. Who knows? But at the end, I think Rafa's confidence and the way he's playing at the moment got him through."

Our champ was in good shape, he varied his serve excellently and moved very well. After winning the first set, at 4-4 in the second, he was just 6 points away from winning the match. He made the 27-year-old Spaniard work for it from beginning to end, when he saved four match points before falling.

As defending champion Roger will drop over 800 points - making him fall back to number 7 behind Tomas Berdych and Juan Martin del Potro in the rankings.

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08/22/2013 | 06:32 PM
08/22/2013 | 06:21 PM
Other quarterfinals:

Murray vs. Berdych
Djokovic vs. Del Potro
Gasquet vs. Ferrer
08/22/2013 | 06:21 PM
Just now saw the draw , Roger to face Rafa in QF ---


Allez champ....
08/22/2013 | 06:20 PM
Guys, as expected very easy draw for Nadal .. He got Roger for QF, Ferrer/Gasquet for SF. Nole and Murray in other half with Nole/DelPo, Murray/Berdych.. Such a fraud.. As I've been telling this is set up for Nadal.. IW & USO tournament directors are for Nadal.. That's the only way he can win a USO..
08/22/2013 | 06:20 PM
Just watched the US Open Draw Ceremony.

Roger vs. Rafa in the quarterfinal if they both reach that stage.
08/22/2013 | 06:04 PM

I understand what you mean, but it hurts me when people talk bad about Roger. Luckly there are also people who think that Roger is not done yet. For example Goran Ivanisevic.
08/22/2013 | 05:54 PM
Check my blog for live action on the US Open draw guys! Hoping Federer gets a reasonable draw!!!!

Aspiring Sports Analyst

The King of Hard Courts: http://chaosequalscosmos.wordpress.com/
08/22/2013 | 05:27 PM
Roger vs. mysterious one is you!!!! - if you see yourslef is the one to beat which means you are a new person with extremly super vision to face to it.

Mr. Federer, you will win US open title in New York this time.
08/22/2013 | 05:26 PM

Me personally, I love the fact that they don't mention Roger as a favorite. WHY? Then it gets so much better when Roger wins and they have to eat their words and praise Roger to the skies !!!

You should have seen Mac Enroe's facial expression when Roger beat Andy at Wimby last year. He was so HUMBLE !!! That is what Roger does. They always make the mistake of writing him off and ROGER MAKES THEM EAT A BIG PIECE OF HUMBLE PIE !!!!

08/22/2013 | 05:20 PM

Calm down, i know it's not nice from John not to mention Roger. But hey, i guess the guy is just jealous at Roger. Roger did things John can only dream of.

Don't let his words get to you. Ignore him, i do the same :-)