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Roger to grace a Swiss stamp

26.02.2007 | Off Court

Swiss Post is honouring the extraordinary sportsman Roger Federer with a special stamp. As of today, the tennis player from the Basel area has officially been at the top of the ATP rankings for the longest number of consecutive weeks. Together with his other great sporting achievements, too numerous to mention, this makes Roger Federer an outstanding ambassador for Switzerland wherever he goes. Reason enough to devote a stamp to him. The one franc special stamp will be available from 10 April 2007.


On the tennis court, Roger Federer has already won almost everything worth winning, with numerous titles and victories to his name. He has been the world's number one male player for over three years now – that's 161 weeks to be exact. The player from the Basel area has thus been at the top of the world rankings for longer than anyone before, beating the record previously set by the American Jimmy Connors. There's no denying that Roger Federer has made his mark on the world in general, and the world of sport in particular, at the highest level.  That's why Swiss Post will be issuing a Roger Federer stamp from 10 April 2007.


Rules are there to be broken

Federer's talent and virtuoso skill on the tennis court are exceptional. What better reason for Swiss Post to also make an exception? The Roger Federer stamp is as unique as the sportsman himself, since living persons do not normally feature on stamps. With his endearing personality, Roger Federer is an outstanding ambassador for his country, winning hearts around the world. And soon his picture will be accompanying letters all over the world, too.


The exact design of the special stamp with a face value of one franc is still under wraps. The Roger Federer stamp will be available from the issue date at all Swiss post offices and philatelic salespoints. Orders can be placed as of now on the Internet at www.post.ch/philashop or by phoning +41 (0)31 338 06 09. There will be no advance sales.



Other topics of stamps to be issued in early 2007:

- "1000 years of Stein am Rhein" – special stamps on the sights of Switzerland, strip of three à 85 centimes.

- "Women's football" – Special stamp à 85 centimes

- "300th anniversary of the birth of Leonard Euler" – special stamp à 1.30 francs

- "Swiss National Bank centenary" – special stamps à 85 centimes and 1.00 franc

- "Centenary of the Swiss Club for Bernese Mountain Dogs" – special stamp à 85 centimes

- "Legendary Switzerland" – special stamps à 85 centimes, 1.00, 1.30 and 1.80 francs.


These stamps will be available from 6 March 2007 at all Swiss post offices and philatelic salespoints. They can also be ordered on the Internet at www.post.ch/philashop.



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02/28/2007 | 04:34 PM
congratulations!!! you are the living legend...keep on playing coz you are a real gentleman on court. you're at the top!!!
02/28/2007 | 12:42 PM
Dear Roger,

Congratulations to Roger with a special stamp!!!!!

It’s a great news that Swiss Post is honouring you with a special stamp. You as a tennis player have become famous for your playing- many records of the ATP rankings and the new record
02/28/2007 | 09:15 AM
Hey, Roger! Congratulations````
I want it but can i find it in China?
02/28/2007 | 09:11 AM
congrates congrates v are very happy for you rogger keep it up
02/28/2007 | 08:09 AM
You're the best Swiss export since chocolate and clocks! :D You really are the best ambassador that Switzerland has, both on-court and in your outstanding off-court achievements. Just think, only monarchs usually are given the honor of being commemorat
02/28/2007 | 07:50 AM
Switzerland couldn't have given you any better honor! So proud of you! Luv yah!!!
02/28/2007 | 03:56 AM
Roger I think tnat's an incredible honour for you to be represented in a stamp, 'cause it means that you 're a very ambassador in the world of that wonderful land that is Switzerland!!! Come on Roger!!!
02/28/2007 | 03:18 AM
Is this a hi-lite in your career??
Congratulations once again Roger! You deserve every bit of recogintion you receive for all the hard work you do on and off the court.
02/28/2007 | 02:10 AM
Cher Roger,
Ouah, c'est fantastique un timbre a ton efigie !
So proud to be Swiss. Thank you so much !
02/27/2007 | 10:58 PM
You are absolutely honorable, Roger!
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