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Roger and No. 1s honoured

26.08.2013 | Off Court, Starseite 3

Before the start of the US Open, an unprecedented gathering of No. 1s took place at the ATP Heritage programme's No. 1 Celebration in New York. The event marked the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Emirates ATP Rankings. Ilie Nastase, who became the first ATP World No. 1 on 23 August 1973, was present to be honoured on the night, along with successors John Newcombe, Jimmy Connors, Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe, Ivan Lendl, Mats Wilander, Stefan Edberg, Jim Courier, Marcelo Rios, Carlos Moya, Yevgeny Kafelnikov, Gustavo Kuerten, Lleyton Hewitt, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Andy Roddick, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and of course Roger. 

Roger thanked those that came before him, like childhood idol Stefan Edberg. "It was important for me to have someone to look up to. I know there's been a huge sacrifice at the players' level, just this generation and the players sitting here tonight, and even before that. We've put such huge effort in the game, and that's a platform we can enjoy today."

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08/27/2013 | 01:06 PM
Like I was saying.... of course after this he will be more confident going into the second round and more dangerous, but I thought he had problems adjusting to the wind.
08/27/2013 | 01:04 PM

Hi. I kind of disagree on one small thing. I thought Harrison played well. Yes, he was playing Rafa, so that was not a contest, but he had some good shots I thought.
In my opinion, he was not roling over. He tried to give a contest. Did not work, but still.

And is it me or does Rafa not do wind too well? I did not think this was unvincible Rafa 2013 who won IW, Montreal and Cincy.
I actually thought he struggled a bit and was lucky he played Harrison. Of course after this he
08/27/2013 | 11:20 AM
Ryan Harrison was so weak. I see Nadal hits moonball when behind the baseline and when returning second serve. And since he only does this on the forehand side, opponents should just pester his backhand and then hit short balls to his forehand, make him come forward, that way no chance for moonball. And at 0:30, 15:30,30:40, expect Nadal to serve down the middle, so obvious. And really a 109 km/h average first serve speed, two handed backhands should eat that up nicely.
08/27/2013 | 10:50 AM

You're right. Especially with this financial crisis that's going on. Right now it's more important to spent money on creating jobs, giving children a good education,helping poor countries, etc. The roof can wait.
08/27/2013 | 10:44 AM
Hi, Roger I hope rain is a sign of your coming victory....please get that ellusive 18th GS okay? hope and pray for your VICTORY!! many greetings from Sweden :)
08/27/2013 | 10:44 AM
Hi, Roger I hope rain is a sign of your coming victory....please get that ellusive 18th GS okay? hope and pray for your VICTORY!! many greetings from Sweden :)
08/27/2013 | 10:29 AM

I don't know if this is true, so don't go by my word.
But I heard or read that adding a new roof and mayby more courts will take up to 100 million dollars or I heard 500 million dollars.

NOW... as much as I love Roger and tennis as a whole, don't you think that money is better spend on more important stuff in America like for children, education, jobs and for helping poor countries????
08/27/2013 | 09:24 AM
Good luck for your first match against Grega...
08/27/2013 | 09:07 AM

I guess they want to finish the bottom half first. The rain messed up the whole program. It's about time they get a roof there.
08/27/2013 | 09:04 AM
i really hate the rains when they delay your matches!!!! Have to wake up at any point of night to watch your matches.But i love to wake up and watch you!!