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Roger with a good start

28.08.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger won his first round at the US Open against Grega Zemlja (ATP 62) 6-3, 6-2 and 7-5. 

Roger was in very good shape, winning the match in 1 hour 33 minutes. The stats for his first round are certainly impressive: 85% of points won on his first serve, 12 aces, backed up by 35 clean winners, the last of them a forehand volley to wrap it up.

The two players split the first six games to begin the match, before Roger won three in a row to take the first set, 6-3. He continued that success in the second set, winning 6-2 before taking the match with a 7-5 victory in the third set.

Roger will now play Argentina's Carlos Berlocq (ATP 48). 

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08/28/2013 | 03:00 PM

I think and saw he lost that match (couple of deuces first), because he was rushing. He wanted to finish asap and Zemjla made him pay for it.
When he was broken, he was calmer and then broke Zemjla on 5-6.

So, the lesson for Roger.... don't rush !!! Take a few min to finish the match.
He wanted to have it be over so badly, he unfortunately paid for it.
Which he should be aware of. Because it was Zemjla, he got the break back. Don't think Rafa/Novak/Andy would let him break b
08/28/2013 | 02:57 PM
Hello Roger,
Well, I don't think that match left us with any doubts about how fit and hungry you are for this US Open. Blazing start with a tiny little hickup in the 3rd set, but I expected Zemlja to get a little better there. Interesting to read that you went back to practice right after the match, saying later that that is something you and the team decided to make a routine. Work on things you felt you needed to work on after a match when your memory of it is still fresh.
08/28/2013 | 02:43 PM
well done roger it was great to see you playing again I hope you will be able to keep it up and get back up in the rankings.you deserve to be up there with the rest of them good luck love always Helen xxxxx
08/28/2013 | 02:34 PM
First Step ... Done !!!

Go Go Go Roger !!!
08/28/2013 | 02:10 PM
Please tell me how our IDOL lost that game. I could not watch the match live & even missed the repeat.
08/28/2013 | 02:03 PM
I enjoyed the interview and I loved your answer about your passion for the game. So pleased to see that the ATP's webpage published the transcription as well.


Love you FED!
08/28/2013 | 02:02 PM
Thank you for posting the excellent report. It is nice to see what was said in the interview. I see he was at his cheeky best. " Has he thought of the gluten diet" "Well, yes, I m on the extra gluten diet". Had to laugh at that one!
Not surprised that he went for practise to get his rhythm. There was not a lot in the match, I presume because of the wind. I was very happy with our very determined Rogi. He served very well and was very solid. Just that hiccup at the end of the third set.
08/28/2013 | 01:51 PM
i hope for no more rain delays and i wish that you have most night matches beginning at 7:00 PM so i can attend my school :)
08/28/2013 | 01:49 PM
Congrats champion!!!! Good start indeed.Your game seemed to be really flawless at places.You still have to work on the first serves in% but i am very satisfied to see you play really well.Seemed like you are gonna be a big threat if you play this aggressive from the beginning to the end.It made me happy to see you played good.and the stats were also good.Keep up the good work.I really see you going very deep.All the best against Berlocq.He is gonna be easy to beat if you play this good!! :) :)
08/28/2013 | 01:40 PM
Nice to see you get off to a good start! Best of luck against Berlocq.