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Roger with a good start

28.08.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger won his first round at the US Open against Grega Zemlja (ATP 62) 6-3, 6-2 and 7-5. 

Roger was in very good shape, winning the match in 1 hour 33 minutes. The stats for his first round are certainly impressive: 85% of points won on his first serve, 12 aces, backed up by 35 clean winners, the last of them a forehand volley to wrap it up.

The two players split the first six games to begin the match, before Roger won three in a row to take the first set, 6-3. He continued that success in the second set, winning 6-2 before taking the match with a 7-5 victory in the third set.

Roger will now play Argentina's Carlos Berlocq (ATP 48). 

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08/29/2013 | 09:51 AM
Roger I dont care if you win the uso or not but I want you to defeat Nadal nothing against that guy but looking at the opinions of tennis analysts one gets fed up as they have already declared him as the winner and his playing in the tournament is just a formality I want you to shut their mouths and never make any conclusions in haste and atleast wait for the right moment 1 more thing don't get mad at lines men or any one else because as humans we make mistakes Be generous to ignore such things
08/29/2013 | 08:54 AM
Roger, back for good.
08/29/2013 | 08:53 AM
Jon Wertheim: "Ignore Federer at your peril"

If Roger puts in 110% extra effort to focus on, practice, prepare for EVERY match -- he can win US Open. He cannot afford to lose concentration, drop sets and waste energy in his first 4 matches. He must build on his confidence and game before the quarterfinals.

From Cincinnati, Roger knows that Nadal is beatable (just 6 points and 3 games separate winner and loser). Toni Nadal is working on new tactics, no doubt.
08/29/2013 | 08:38 AM
@Hamburg - I agree with you about his backhands.
Our Idol is looking leaner & thinner so I presume he will not be able to hit hard backhand like other top guys who all use both hands. So I guess it's better not to employ the shot too much or else to use shots with changing position/direction.
But obviously he knows best.
All the best to him in R2.
08/29/2013 | 08:35 AM
Hola Roger!!!!
Vamos por el titulo, tu puedes, que tengas un super partido mañana. Nuestro amor y apoyo en todos tus partidos.
Te queremos
08/29/2013 | 08:21 AM
@Yuki, Kemna & CJM thanks for replying.
I saw the repeat of the match. Thought our IDOL has to employ few more tactics & decrease those mishits. Also he seemed a bit perturbed & was not enjoying to the fullest. But the good sign is his he has really improved on his serves. I always belive his accurate service has been his trustworthy weapon over the years. Good to see the accuracy is coming back. The same thing about his forehand.
@Hamburg - I agree with you about his backhand.
08/29/2013 | 08:15 AM
Dear Roger,
Good luck for your 2ND ROUND day-session match against Argentina's Carlos Berlocq (ATP 48). This is okey for ISTANBUL so I will watch your match. I hope day is full of sunshine and positive energy. Lot's of love from ISTANBUL to NEW YORK.
08/29/2013 | 08:07 AM
Good luck this afternoon Roger.....:-)
08/29/2013 | 08:04 AM
RF4WORLD, I add my voice to the many fans who thank you for the wonderful inputs that you publish. Your dedication is admirable.
Thanks very much
08/29/2013 | 08:03 AM
Dearest Roger
I just read that you will be playing day session again. Sooooo glad, because I don't have to get up at 3 in the morning to see you.
Go out and display your magic, your fans will be rooting for you all the way.
I wish you a great match and send you lots of love