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Roger races into round 3

29.08.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger booked his spot in round three at the US Open with a clear 6-3, 6-2, 6-1 victory over Carlos Berlocq today.

It took Roger just 95 minutes to wrap up the win against the 30 year old Argentinian. Our champ will now play either France's Adrian Mannarino (ATP 63) or Sam Querrey of the USA (ATP 31).

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08/30/2013 | 11:14 PM
SPS - he plays like he is "terribly late for an important function" - you made me crack up ! in fact I am still laughing away ! Yes, ROGER is really rushing through games and winning ! Bravo may it stay that way all through the tournament and ROGER THAT number 18 up in the air ! COME ON ROGER LETS HAVE ANOTHER ONE !
08/30/2013 | 11:13 PM
CJM,even though i do believe that sometimes,family might say things that we are not responsible of,in this case,i don't believe it.I mean,they seem a family always together,spending a lot of time with each other during the tour,and i think that his father expressed in public,thoughts and discussion they already have done,behind closed doors.Of course,every family or friends have the right to express to each other their thoughts,even when the thoughts are wrong,but saying them .......
08/30/2013 | 11:02 PM
Watching Murray who's having a wee bit of difficulty! As for his black footwear ….. the pits!
08/30/2013 | 10:25 PM
I think you may be right about Djoko HULIETTA.
There are two options on the source of his Fathers comments. Either he made them up or he believes he has heard Djoko say those things about Rafa and Roger. Either way it did not look good for Djoko. It was good Rafa actually came out and said that he and Djoko had not fallen out and got on ok. Still Djokos father did not help his son by saying those things which is very unfortunate.
08/30/2013 | 10:06 PM
Well done, keep on
All our support from your Uruguay Fans
08/30/2013 | 10:03 PM
i believe that novak's problem is psychological.Since the day his dad talked all that nonsense,the crowd has changed attitude towards him and he is feeling the negative vibes.He knows that those comments made him look bad too.I think his dad wasn't there,as he wasn't in montreal or cincinatti.Although he wasn't the one that made the comments,he should be able to control his family.As there are consequences for everyones actions,there are for him,too.
08/30/2013 | 09:33 PM
and kemna is right djoko was breathing really heavily in between points . one time so much it made him double fault
08/30/2013 | 09:22 PM
choke of the year in 1st set by becker 2 set points gone with ue
08/30/2013 | 09:22 PM
choke of the year in 1st set by becker 2 set points gone with ue
08/30/2013 | 08:37 PM
Good luck 4 the next round.