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A really solid first week

01.09.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger enjoyed a confident 6-3, 6-0, 6-2 win over Adrian Mannarino (ATP 63) in the third round to round off a great first week at the US Open.

Roger faced just a single break point in the entire match against the Frenchman and was obviously very pleased with his performance after 81 minutes of play. "There's always a lot of pressure coming out here on this court to perform, because you never know if you're going to play well. Tonight was one of those nights."

Roger will now play the round of the last sixteen against Tommy Robredo (ATP 22). Our champ leads the head-to-head 10-0 and could then be in for a quarter-final against Rafael Nadal in the quarter

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09/03/2013 | 01:45 AM
Wow- maybe if you can't say something positive about Roger you should just refrain from commenting. Tennis matches don't always go the way you'd like no matter how hard you try. Go give the game a try and maybe you'll have a little more empathy for Roger. As far as I'm concerned Roger is still the best ! Go Roger Go!!!!
09/03/2013 | 01:45 AM
Roger is done. Watch matches likes this is SO SO SAD. I am in shock about what he is doing today. I know that he is afraid of Nadal, but lose to Tommy to avoid play against Nadal is definitively the wrong decision.

09/03/2013 | 01:43 AM
shadows-and-dust when was the last time? I guess RG 2012?
09/03/2013 | 01:42 AM
missed opportunity, giving freebies to tommy.
09/03/2013 | 01:41 AM
Roger has been known to come back from two sets down !!!!
09/03/2013 | 01:41 AM
2/16 and counting...
09/03/2013 | 01:40 AM
There is only one reason why Federer is playing so bad today (all balls he is putting in Robredo hands): HE DOES NOT WANT TO PLAY AGAINST NADAL AND GET A BAGEL.

Amazing, Roger, amazing. Stop to play now. Let us with good memories from you. You are so so sad nowadays. Go back to Swiss and stay there.
09/03/2013 | 01:39 AM
How many break point are you going to not convert?????
09/03/2013 | 01:38 AM
This is very sad to watch. I think Roger should retire before he drops any lower in the rankings.
09/03/2013 | 01:37 AM
So now his BP are 2/14