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A really solid first week

01.09.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger enjoyed a confident 6-3, 6-0, 6-2 win over Adrian Mannarino (ATP 63) in the third round to round off a great first week at the US Open.

Roger faced just a single break point in the entire match against the Frenchman and was obviously very pleased with his performance after 81 minutes of play. "There's always a lot of pressure coming out here on this court to perform, because you never know if you're going to play well. Tonight was one of those nights."

Roger will now play the round of the last sixteen against Tommy Robredo (ATP 22). Our champ leads the head-to-head 10-0 and could then be in for a quarter-final against Rafael Nadal in the quarter

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09/03/2013 | 04:28 AM
Dearest Roger
It did came as a bad surprise because during this tournament you've been playing brilliantly.
You don't have to prove anything to anybody. Your achievements in Tennis are unique.
So just stay healthy and happy.
Your fans love you always !!!
09/03/2013 | 04:20 AM
An Off day.
Don't get sad,Roger.Get extra motivated!! There's a lot of magic in you still,as you showed last week so delightfully,just unfortunate today that the misses outdid the magic and movement in big measure.So,get well,get Rested,and have some great time off.Hope you feel better soon.Always looking forward to seeing you again.
09/03/2013 | 04:17 AM
Roger, do you really know - you turn whole world upside down while you win or loss.

Certainly, you did not beat yourself this time. You will notice this loss to face you again.

We all learn from difficulty and rebuild strong ability up again.
09/03/2013 | 03:54 AM
Cannot believe Roger can lose to Robredo at US Open ! No way, unless he himself wants. I think he knows he cannot beat Nadal with his curr form at USO, where in prev yrs he wd hv defly beaten Nadal. Why play him again ? Hope he tries coming back this yr on 3 setters faster indoor hard courts. What a draw Nadal gets !!!! Wish Djoker/Murray does not beat & break each other in semi. It will b cakewalk for Nadal in final then.
09/03/2013 | 03:44 AM
Dear Roger,
Whatever the result is, we will forever with u.U r always no 1 fot us.Take care urself and make strong.Build ur confidence.Always keep in mind that u r always no 1.Looking forward ur next tour.Hope u can get ur best in the next tournment.Wherever u r,we'll forever with u. With love... ur fan.
09/03/2013 | 03:28 AM
So sad to hear about the loss to Robredo....I feel like throwing up....very sad...time to make some serious decisions I think...this is craziness!
09/03/2013 | 03:28 AM
09/03/2013 | 03:20 AM
Roger Federer before He got sick and after he used to unusual nadal's style lead Nadal in head to head 5-2. Roger Federer was always number one and nadal was always number two before Roger got sick from mono virus in 2008. Nadal can't take number 1 spot from Roger Federer before Roger had mono virus. Nadal is so lucky.
09/03/2013 | 03:20 AM
Roger is not at all scared to play him... He just played him at Cincy... He faced Nadal many times over the years on the slower courts knowing he has slim chance... Its just like this sometimes as he gets older, but he can play better tennis for sure...
09/03/2013 | 03:18 AM
Roger, this is not your year and you never like the number 13 - say bye to 2013.

It is not bad to regroup for future - slow down a bit to reconsider your team.

Your style is incredible. You make everybody fall in love to watch tennis.

My husband and I watch tennis because of you.

The love of your tennis lasts forever.