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Federer and Annacone End |Coaching Relationship

12.10.2013 | Off Court, Starseite 3

After a terrific 3 ½ years working together, Paul and I have decided to move on to the next chapter in our professional lives. When we started together we had a vision of a 3 year plan to win another Grand Slam title and get back to the number #1 ranking. Along with many other goals and great memories, these 2 main goals were achieved. After numerous conversations culminating at the end of our most recent training block, we felt like this was the best time and path for both of us. Paul remains a dear friend, and we both look forward to continuing our friendship. I want to thank Paul for his help and the value he has added to me and my team.

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10/14/2013 | 09:02 PM

a sweet compliment tx
10/14/2013 | 09:02 PM

a sweet compliment tx
10/14/2013 | 08:14 PM
lets see one more year for roger federer to win few more titles!!..then better think to continue more for your tennis career..
10/14/2013 | 08:04 PM
Thanks SDANU Maybe he just doesn't like the new racquet then. Or simply change as has been suggested prior.
10/14/2013 | 07:43 PM
pro staff 90 is Head light 9 points (rogers current racquet) is 355 grams,
Blade 98 is Head light 6 points(the prototype is a customized version of this) is 318 grams
pro staff 100L (3 pts head light) is 301 grams

BUT HAVE SLIGHTLY MORE SWING WEIGHTS as weight is slightly moved towards the center of the racquet. Nevertheless they are in the HEAD LIGHT category.

So Roger is in NO danger of INJURING himself with 98sq inch ra
10/14/2013 | 07:38 PM
SWING WEIGHT of a racquet -- How heavy a racquet feels when it is swung.
determined by the distribution of weight across the racquet.
HEAD HEAVY -- means more weight is at the head of the racquet than at the handle
BALANCED -- weight is same on upper head and lower handle parts
HEAD LIGHT -- more weight near the handle.

Head Heavy racquets have the most swing weight. CAUSE INJURIES TO THE WRIST AND ARM. NOT USED BY PROFESSIONALS.

Pros use mostly Head Light and balanced racquets.
10/14/2013 | 07:06 PM
Roger my best wishes for u
with annacone your game has been passive your off forehand is just to stay in the rally thats not working I think you should switch to your lethal attacking inside in down the line forehand and just forget about the shot coming to your forehand side after that.
thats the way you won,all your career and dancing in the court
just put some weight and strength and more muscle and compromise on movement bcoz u can adjust that with your shots
but you know better than me
10/14/2013 | 07:04 PM
Love your English Boting. - so cute!
10/14/2013 | 06:59 PM
10/14/2013 | 06:31 PM

Thanks for the info...