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Federer and Annacone End |Coaching Relationship

12.10.2013 | Off Court, Starseite 3

After a terrific 3 ½ years working together, Paul and I have decided to move on to the next chapter in our professional lives. When we started together we had a vision of a 3 year plan to win another Grand Slam title and get back to the number #1 ranking. Along with many other goals and great memories, these 2 main goals were achieved. After numerous conversations culminating at the end of our most recent training block, we felt like this was the best time and path for both of us. Paul remains a dear friend, and we both look forward to continuing our friendship. I want to thank Paul for his help and the value he has added to me and my team.

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10/16/2013 | 02:08 PM
I send the word game to DANIELLE17. Thank you all for making up words with 'rf'in it. All the credit goes to all of you.
10/16/2013 | 02:03 PM
FANCYFREE not here, in FB today.
10/16/2013 | 01:41 PM
Have any of you lot, noticed Roger new article here about his visit to the Lindt factory?
10/16/2013 | 01:41 PM
Fancyfree, that is WHY I love Roger and are and always will be his fan. He lost.
The tennisworld came down on him, asking again about retirement, etc. BUT he never used as an excuse what he had to do for the Basel organization.
If one paper had not told it, we would have never know.
That is why I love Roger. He loves the game, loves to win, but also knows he has responsibilities. Except Novak, do you hear other members of the top 10 going out on a limp that much for their home tournament???
10/16/2013 | 01:37 PM
FANCYFREE... you are on a role with the names !!!

By the way. Last year Roger should have won Basel, were it not for the discusting tourdirector (Roger Brennwald) who took a vacation and left everything else to do up to Roger. While all the others got to practise a lot, Roger had to show sponsors around, etc. BUT... he did lose the final on the last tiebreak on just one point !!! How amazing is that !!! Without even much practise...

That is why I love Roger. He lost. Everyone gave him a
10/16/2013 | 01:34 PM
very thank you ILOVEROGER92,

Hey FANCYFREE, No.9 when pronounced in Thai is very good word. It means; step forward, go ahead, to procede, to progress. It s a lucky number for Thai people.

Warm welcome to you, PICKA.
10/16/2013 | 01:32 PM

I hear Rafa says he will always play it, but at the last moment he skips it.

Novak does play Basel. He defeated Roger. So hope Roger wins it this year.
He has earned that.
10/16/2013 | 01:27 PM
Does the number 40 relate to any of Roger's achievements/records?
10/16/2013 | 01:26 PM
Or staRFrenzy? Take your pick!
10/16/2013 | 01:25 PM
starRFanaticism There you go!
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