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Winter Aid Switzerland

16.10.2013 | Foundation, Starseite 3

Roger visited the LINDT Chocolateria in Kilchberg close to Zurich yesterday. He enjoyed the opportunity to make a chocolate creation together with a group of children supported through the Roger Federer Foundation via Winter Aid Switzerland.

In 2011, the Roger Federer Foundation and Lindt & Sprüngli committed to supporting a special programme of Winter Aid Switzerland with a total of 400’000 Swiss francs in equal parts over a period of five years. The programme helps underprivileged children in Switzerland.

"As a father of two little children, I experience on a day-to-day basis how important it is to support them in all possible ways. That is why I take particular personal interest in getting involved with underprivileged children here in Switzerland, too. It was great fun spending an exciting day at the LINDT Chocolateria together with the kids we support through the programme of Winter Aid," Roger said during his visit.

Click here for more photos and the video of Roger’s visit.


Find out more about the programme here.

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10/17/2013 | 10:58 AM
You are a great champion off court too!!!!!!!!
10/17/2013 | 08:58 AM
It really nice to see our IDOL smiling and enjoying just what he has forgotten to do on court. With very few others I sincerely believe he is not playing that badly to lose repeatedly except those UE mainly due to his improper mind set.
Hope this nice engagement of him will erase all the anxiety in his mind & get him back on winning track again. All the best dear IDOL. Just be more happy...
10/17/2013 | 08:56 AM
Roger is soo nice!!
Wonderfull all the work he is doing for these children.
Thank you Roger!
10/17/2013 | 08:00 AM
Cute!!! :-)
10/17/2013 | 07:19 AM
wonderful, sweet pics! :) Love to see you smile, Rog!
10/17/2013 | 06:20 AM
Love your chocolate and your coffee commercial. I started to buy Lindt chocalate to support you. I do not drink coffee. But I would like to may be make a gift to a friend one day with that lovely machine.
Just watch your 2008 US Open against all 7 different opponents. Love you in red . Love your hair longer. I miss those days Maestro. But I am sure you will be healthy and happy like you used to again.
I am glad you are making a change. I am sure it is for the better. Love you always.
10/17/2013 | 12:13 AM
You're as so sweet as chocolate, Roger!
10/16/2013 | 11:30 PM
You forgot Wimbledon, Miguel! This one goes to 11 ;-)

Wonderful, thoughtful Roger. And yes, chocolate - the darker and bitterer the better - is very good for anyone. One of the very best sources of antioxidants. Go Roger .... you know what's best, as ever!
10/16/2013 | 10:49 PM
edit - good - (Too much wine!)
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