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ATPWorldTour.com Fans' Favorite Award

17.10.2013 | Off Court, Starseite 3

And again it's up to you fans to decide who is your favourite tennis player. Vote for Roger at this year's "ATPWorldTour.com Fans' Favorite Award presented by Moët & Chandon" to help him to win the award for the eleventh consecutive year!

You can vote here.

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10/17/2013 | 06:24 PM
done Roger and they have to name it after you because you're the favorite forever ,, love you champ
10/17/2013 | 06:21 PM
But severin was assistant coach?? and now he is the real coach?
10/17/2013 | 06:17 PM
On Roger´s ATP tour´s website profile now it says that his coach is Severin Luthi. I guess Yukimi was right in sayingthat Rog will not hire someone else for the next six months. As long as he knows which adjustments he needs to make I agree with that move. However, if by IW he hasnt won a tournament or reached a Final he should hire someone to help him out. Edberg had a great backhand and serve and could give him good pointers. Connors played a great amount of time and can help him also.
10/17/2013 | 06:15 PM
Dear Roger,
I've already voted for you :) Come on, everybody, help him winning this award for the superb eleventh consecutive year! Roger, I'm not surprised that you have so many fans, you really deserve it. Good luck in Basel! Lots of love!
10/17/2013 | 05:57 PM
Roger is going to win this easy.
Now more important is his game for next year. Roger needs to get much stronger and faster if he wants to compete with PED RN and even Novak looks bigger then before. Game got phisical and this is key. Once he gets confident that his body can deliver his game will come back. He should done it already many years ago. This guys now can return anything. the ralies are crazy. Hope Roger can join the party and spoil it for others not just participate.
Best Wishes
10/17/2013 | 05:52 PM
I voted !
10/17/2013 | 05:37 PM
10/17/2013 | 05:31 PM
sorry for writing wrong name.
you still have time to compose your message dearie :)
10/17/2013 | 05:04 PM

You can send in a message until friday 18th october 12:00pm.