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New Jura commercial

17.10.2013 | Off Court

Had a great time shooting the new Jura commercial - enjoy!

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10/18/2013 | 08:11 PM
Thanks for the info!
I'm not surprised that you are 25% Hungarian, all over the world you can meet Hungarian born people. And - sorry it's off - but I'm proud to to say that our small country have 12 Nobel prized Hungarians.

Neither me think Rafa would scare to play Roger. He just prepares for WTF like Novak.
10/18/2013 | 07:14 PM
CJM I don't think that was the reason Rafa withdrew.
10/18/2013 | 06:50 PM
Roger is in the news more for ads / coach / what next etc....These will soon fade away. Is he really planning to continue playing and win ? The intensity, the hard hitting, the physicality that are being exhibited by Djoker, Nadal, DelPo & others....impossible for Roger to keep up unless he is serious. I doubt he wants to play the final Masters at London this year. He will hardly make to the QF / SF at Basel & Paris ...Tsonga / Gasquet will soon overtake him. What is next ?
10/18/2013 | 06:41 PM

The report button is for the report of insulting messages. The moderators of this site can read them and remove that message. So only the moderators can read them.

And it's nice to see such a passionate fan from Hungary(I'm 25% Hungarian) keep up your wonderful messages :-)
10/18/2013 | 06:40 PM
Just arrived at Basel and heard the news about Rafa. I am not surprised. I would imagine the organisers will be disappointed, the opening ceremony is meant to include Rafa. They will have to use Roger instead won't they? I am sure I will cope very well with potentially more doses of Roger! Just disappointed that I will not see a Roger give Nadal a thrashing, but that is why Nadal has withdrawn!
10/18/2013 | 06:04 PM
Lol.. Its kind of predictable.. Facing Roger, indoors, in Basel, that too after losses in two successive weeks (both in straights).. Whatelse could be the outcome? Probably dent in confidence, especially that loss to DelPo.. Didn't wanna damage it further before the WTF, I guess... But Nole in the hunter role now...
10/18/2013 | 04:46 PM
The same here, in my country: all the RF and tennis forums, blogs are full of articles of Roger. There are a hudge number of RF fans in Hungary.
Questions I have: 1. how can I insert photos? 2. If I click on the report button and write sometting, only one person can see it, it works like a private email address?
Sorry for lot of questions, but I'm a new member. Thanks for help.
10/18/2013 | 04:22 PM

Just look on Bleacher Report or on the articles everywhere or (where I look):
Roger Federer Topix....

He may be number 7, Rafa may be number one, Andy may be injured, Novak maybe great, but it is ALL ABOUT OUR GOAT ROGER !!!
10/18/2013 | 04:20 PM
Hi PICKA, trust me, one of the things we all love about Roger is that he is very proud and stubborn. Trust me, he will NOT leave tennis until he knows his GS tally is safe and cannot be overtaken !!!

And you are right. Even here in Holland. Other players splitting with their coaches all the time, get a little announcement (like Sharapova), but when Roger split with Annacone, major major news. Two full pages from top to bottom about this + reactions of others on this news !!! THAT IS OUR ROG
10/18/2013 | 04:16 PM
I told you guys, Rafa is a little scared of Roger. Now that Roger has no longer a coach, some of the players KNOW that he is planning something (a la 2011).
That is why Rafa is not playing. Do you know he is now in Vienna Austria? He was practising yesterday with a Austrian player Thiem and Uncle Toni was at the match of Thiem. He is "so close by with his private jet". And too tired? No, I don't believe it for a second. Rafa cannot get tired. He is kind of running away. Only the strong stay