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New Jura commercial

17.10.2013 | Off Court

Had a great time shooting the new Jura commercial - enjoy!

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10/18/2013 | 04:16 PM
I told you guys, Rafa is a little scared of Roger. Now that Roger has no longer a coach, some of the players KNOW that he is planning something (a la 2011).
That is why Rafa is not playing. Do you know he is now in Vienna Austria? He was practising yesterday with a Austrian player Thiem and Uncle Toni was at the match of Thiem. He is "so close by with his private jet". And too tired? No, I don't believe it for a second. Rafa cannot get tired. He is kind of running away. Only the strong stay
10/18/2013 | 04:08 PM

I don't mind either :-) More chance for Roger to win Basel.
10/18/2013 | 03:56 PM
http://www.tennis-x.com/xblog/2013-10-18/13948.php The news and the article doesn't mention Novak being seeded. Del Potro is seeded 1, Berdych, 2 and Roger, 3.

So perhaps not that big a tournament this year.
10/18/2013 | 03:52 PM
Well I don't know whether to breathe a sigh of relief! We will miss a Rafa/Roger Final On the other hand …..Very late decision and very impolite.
10/18/2013 | 03:35 PM
Fresh news: Nadal doesn't play in Basel: "Hi all, sorry to announce that I won't travel to Basel in Switzerland but after very exhausting weeks I have to regroup my fitness and my body. I will do my best to come back to the Swiss Indoors next year."
I really don't mind. And you, fans?
10/18/2013 | 03:10 PM
Fancyfree, I wrote former players. The actual top players - expect from ones who really respect Roger - don't mind if Roger falls out from the tennis circle. BUT: Roger will not do them this favour, he will fight!!! It was good to see during his last match vs Monfils, that he was angry, he had emotions on his face, he got out of the groove and he could show it to himself. These small things prove me, he does not want to give up for the time beeing, he has target and work to reach it
10/18/2013 | 02:39 PM
Well if the top players want Roger to win then they should withdraw from the big tournaments! lkol
10/18/2013 | 02:38 PM

Nadal is No.1, Novak is No.2, Del Potro in good form, ROGER is almost sliding out from top 10, and after all, everybody speaks about Roger. I am convinced that most of the former players would like Roger to win next tournaments this year and next as well. Not only the fans like him, but these players as well!
10/18/2013 | 02:38 PM
When do the seedings come out? That way we will know for sure.
10/18/2013 | 02:29 PM
KEMNA, look at this page, this is the list of players for Basel 2013.
Anyaway, Novak could go in the last moment, but let's hope hw won't do that. For us, Rafa will be enough, Roger can meet him in the final.