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28.02.2007 | Tennis

Go to Nike's website (link below), choose your language and your country and see what happens!

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03/03/2007 | 03:12 AM
Dear Roger,

That was really cool that Nike made that video in honor of you breaking Connors' record. It was an awesome video too. I wonder if your image was made of 161 number "1" dots since they show number 1 in the beginning and it's in honor of you
03/02/2007 | 04:21 PM
I can't wait to see it!!!
My computer is so slowly!!! And I'll copy the ad to my mobile phone( If I didn't go wrong, it's a NIKE commercial of you)
03/02/2007 | 03:34 AM
AWESOME!!! I like the sound & that drawing. I buy nike's things & I really like what they do for you. Like those shoe's & most of your shirts. Could add more colors & tigher tennis shorts for that sexy body.
03/01/2007 | 10:21 PM
thanks, aybbhe !
03/01/2007 | 05:41 PM
It´s great!
Congratulations Roger

see it must select the language english and country United States

03/01/2007 | 05:35 AM
Congratulations, Roger! You are the best!

Be healthy, and be happy! & Good Luck!
03/01/2007 | 03:22 AM
hehe: )
03/01/2007 | 12:23 AM

COOL!..i saw this before, maybe weeks from now..every outfit suits you roger!..i now wonder when would you be using this in your tourneys..it would be quite nice then..lol.. n_n
02/28/2007 | 07:27 PM
me too, nothing happened, just nike website with ronaldinho in the middle...
02/28/2007 | 07:22 PM
When I'm on the site, nothing happened! But yeah, doesn't matter! ;)
Xx Bye,,
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