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Roger defeated in final

27.10.2013 | Tennis

Roger showed great tennis in today's final at the Swiss Indoors but was defeated by Juan Martin Del Potro 6-7(3), 6-2, 4-6. 

Roger fought hard and both players displayed a terrific match. Our champ admitted a break in game number eight but came right back with a re-break to love. Unfortunately Del Potro proved the better player in the tie-breaker, taking the opening set. Roger jumped to a 2-0 lead in the second set and scored another break at the end of the set, wrapping it up neatly. The start into the decider was very unlucky for Roger. He was serving for the game at 40-15 but committed a total of three double-faults to lose the advantage and the game. Not able to score a break himself, Roger had to admit defeat after 2 hours 20 minutes. 

Roger will play the tournament in Paris next week. He needs to win one single match there in order to qualify for the World Tour Finals.

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10/27/2013 | 08:39 PM
usually I get frustrated after any defeat for roger, giving my husband a hard time where he keeps pampering me all night till I feel better, but today, I was just relieved, seeing him back to normal, he looked spectacular, sending a direct msg "i'll be back" way to go roger, for me, u won todaay
10/27/2013 | 08:36 PM
Thank you Roger for a wonderful match. There was some beautiful play from both of you today. It was very exciting to be there. It was a shame you could not continue as you left off in the second set. At that point I thought you were in control and you were going to win. It was the early break in the third set which did for you. You fought like a cornered lion, but all he had to do was serve well to win. All pressure was on you to break him. His serve was solid, nothing you can do in that case.
10/27/2013 | 08:34 PM
Great job Fed!!! Your were wonderful, saw lots of the old moves from the past. Keep working at it and you will raise that trophy again. Can't wait until Paris.
10/27/2013 | 08:31 PM
@FANCYFREE ....yes let's just leave it at that.....roger had said that he wud continue experimenting with the new racquet and I thot this year in which he has nothing to gain wud have been the best time....now when is he gng to experiment...definitely not at the AO14?
10/27/2013 | 08:21 PM
Hard luck Roger, but,u played so well. Good to see u returning to form & good news for all of us, our champ will be 100% through to WTF if any of these three happen --


Allez champ...
10/27/2013 | 08:20 PM
The bottom line is today Roger played out of his skin. Let him progress the way he feels is the right way for him. We are not him and we are in no position to tell him what to do.
10/27/2013 | 08:19 PM
Hi Rog, Very disappointing for you as you were so close. But you did your best, and hello, you are human!!, and hello, what you have already in your life achieved!!!!!!.
You are a GREAT sportsman and person!!!
Next Paris......Take care.
10/27/2013 | 08:10 PM
Excellent point.. Exactly what i always think about..
A larger head will NOT only win him GSs but ALSO PROLONG his career.
We all want to see Roger play for atleast another 3 years at the highest level, dont we ??
10/27/2013 | 08:07 PM
Roger probably go to 2,4,6,8 group of WTF, that would include Nole, Delpo, Fed, and one from (Stan/Richard/Jo). So he may get another chance to meet Delpo and take revenge.

Rafa got easy group having Ferrer, Berdy and one from (Stan/Richard/Jo)

Good luck with that, I wish he qualifies for semi's there but he should win at least one match in WTF.
10/27/2013 | 08:07 PM
To all you wishfull thinking people.
Its great to be optimistic and you need it to get somewhere in life, but its not enough for something to actually happen. Saying Roger will never win again is wrong and killer of success, but sticking head in sand is just as bad. Looking for solutions is always the key. You have to improve and develop all the time or it is over. Roger hates changes even in technology he has trouble to accept it, unfortunatlly he needs good kick to move. always best wishes