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Roger defeated in final

27.10.2013 | Tennis

Roger showed great tennis in today's final at the Swiss Indoors but was defeated by Juan Martin Del Potro 6-7(3), 6-2, 4-6. 

Roger fought hard and both players displayed a terrific match. Our champ admitted a break in game number eight but came right back with a re-break to love. Unfortunately Del Potro proved the better player in the tie-breaker, taking the opening set. Roger jumped to a 2-0 lead in the second set and scored another break at the end of the set, wrapping it up neatly. The start into the decider was very unlucky for Roger. He was serving for the game at 40-15 but committed a total of three double-faults to lose the advantage and the game. Not able to score a break himself, Roger had to admit defeat after 2 hours 20 minutes. 

Roger will play the tournament in Paris next week. He needs to win one single match there in order to qualify for the World Tour Finals.

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10/27/2013 | 08:06 PM
I am NOT trying to hurt anybody here.
Just trying to make sure everybody sees Roger's game from a COACH's POINT OF VIEW.

So that we know exactly what to expect from Roger and NOT get too disappointed when he loses.
10/27/2013 | 08:04 PM
Roger, we believe in you! You played great tennis today; you just need to BELIEVE in yourself. You are king Roger! Believe and have confidence, and you WILL win. Allez Roger!
10/27/2013 | 08:02 PM
GREKOR....u mean to say its too late to change a racquet but not alate to put on muscle and work on speed at the age of 32....legends lie Sampras asked himto stick to the new racquet .....they wud know what they are saying.....and no he will not get faster ....more training will only injure him....this is not a solution..his game is abt inflicting damage...not recovering from it....and only a new racquet can help in that
10/27/2013 | 08:01 PM

He is swinging his racquet at , lets say, at a speed of 100 miles per hour.
Meanwhile, his opponents swing at probably only 50 miles per hour.


And when swinging at break neck speeds, How can any player on earth hit the sweet spot each and every time for lets say , a 1000 times in a match?

10/27/2013 | 07:58 PM
You played really well today Roger!! Made us fans very happy! Unfortunately the win went to delpo but i'm sure you will improve even further for Paris and the world tour finals!
Keep up the great tennis Roger! We are always behind you.

your biggest fan.
10/27/2013 | 07:57 PM
yea SDANU ...we all want him to return serve better ...but accep that this is not gng to happen ...he will slice the bachhand return intoplay.....once u do that the ball just sits up....today was a fastish court(actually it was the head balls that were fast the court is still slow) so it was okay ....but what opponents do is just somehow get serves/rallies to his backhand to get cheap points...the larger racquet gives him more bite even on clay ....it will do much more on HC and grass
10/27/2013 | 07:52 PM
Sdanu has a point. Not about the racket. At 32 its to late. Roger needs about 10 lbs more muscle and work on speed. This is tennis today. His mental letdowns are real problem, realy poor fifth set record is good shower of that (against top 10). RG06 6-1 40-0 on serve and he drops easy volley in the net, loses the game after he dominated Rafa. He did very little in that department. Today you cant put in crouse mode like you did in Sampras time. Every point is a battle. Got to work on his head.
10/27/2013 | 07:51 PM
Hard luck Roger, but,u played so well. Good to see u returning to form & good news for all of us, our champ will be 100% through to WTF if any of these three happen --


Allez champ...
10/27/2013 | 07:50 PM
You are maybe right, Rogi will never win GS or ATP 1000. But: WHY DO YOU HURT ALL THE FANS WITH YOUR COMMENTS? We also see the lack of practice, the mental problems, the other problems of Rogi, but we do not criticize him, just hope and believe he will have a trophy in his hands in the near future. And today in the second set, it was a brilliant and perfect play. He is on a good way to be better next week.
Please do not comment here just if you are positive like all of us after loose.
10/27/2013 | 07:50 PM
Even though you lost, I loved the way you were playing this week...aggressive, and going to the net, attacking. It reminds me of the old Federer! Hope you'll do well in Paris next week!