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Roger defeated by Djokovic

02.11.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger was not able to win his semi-final against Novak Djokovic in Paris-Bercy today, he was defeated 6-4, 3-6, 2-6.

Roger started brilliantly, breaking Djokovic early to take a 2-1 lead and later the set. He scored another break in the beginning of the second set, but Djokovic broke right back and Roger even dropped his serve one more time later on, losing the set. In the decider, Djokovic proved the stronger player, converting break-points to go up 2-1 and even scoring another break to 5-2 and eventually winning the match.

Next week, Roger will play the ATP World Tour Finals in London, having made his qualification for the tournament clear just this week.

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11/03/2013 | 04:31 PM
Ferrer did not believe in his tennis a few years ago and quited. He worked as a
builder working but after all decided to pick up tennis again.
11/03/2013 | 04:24 PM
U Never Beat Novak to Break in 1st or 2nd Game of any set, coz he is type of a player which come bk strongly.. surely he is very strong player.
u can win if u plan to Break 2 time in a set, then ur game is up to the mark every time and on every point u were searching to put him pressure.
Roger is a Great Player in past history he alway's take 1st set away from Novak, nd then Roger play well in remaing game but on crucial moment he is not look very confident on his shots as why he make lot of UF
11/03/2013 | 04:21 PM
I have to admire Ferrer. Though not a fan. He has waited until 31 years old, he is only 8 months younger than Roger before achieving his present ranking of 3. He is tiny by professional tennis terms. He might be light on his feet like that but he has a lot of ground to cover in comparison to most. So he has to work hard. Roger must look on with interest and his logic will tell him, that age is not the main problem.
11/03/2013 | 04:14 PM
CJM - WOW!!! I have turned off the match as I think you are right. Novak will win.
11/03/2013 | 04:13 PM
Read a very pertinent good post by CJM. Roger's matches tend to be in the evening and after that he has press conferences etch and doesn't get home until the early hours. Them he has a day match. That could explain why he's lacking energy.
11/03/2013 | 04:10 PM
It's been a good week in Paris, but the at the champion game, the first set was good but after that, It seems that you were out of energy and concentration. This should be look after going on, improve your concentration and workout more at the gym but I was so happy that you made a fantastic run and were able to maintain a spot at Last wolrd tour in England. Hope that you can see the weakness you need to improve. With your past performances In Paris we are all supporting you.good luck
11/03/2013 | 04:09 PM
Hi Rogi.. All the best in the WTF.... We're behind you.. supporting you as always from all around the world! Believe in yourself... You're THE MAESTRO... THE ONLY ONE! I love you... Greetings from Colombia... We hope you come back to our country pretty soon... Take care..!
11/03/2013 | 04:06 PM
Yes I did !......and very cherished it is too!
Thanks for the live stream. Like the fact that Ferrer is causing trouble for Djoko, but I think Djoko will take it eventually, much like yesterday.
11/03/2013 | 04:02 PM

you want Federer to become a Swiss honey bear ?? lol
11/03/2013 | 04:01 PM
And Djokovic has broken back. He's going to win this.