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Roger defeated after fight

05.11.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

After a tough battle at the ATP World Tour Finals today, Roger was defeated 4-6, 7-6(2), 2-6 by Novak Djokovic in his first match in Group B.

Roger was not able to convert two break points towards the end of the first set and later dropped his serve as Djokovic grew in confidence. The second set was a true battle, Roger came from 40-0 down to break his opponent and gain a 3-2 lead. But with three more breaks in the following games the players eventually fought their way into a tie-breaker - which Roger clearly won. The decider was then in the hands of Djokovic who wrapped up the match after 2 hours 22 minutes. 

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11/07/2013 | 01:40 PM
Looks as if Rafa has gone elsewhere to practise, just like Roger did on Tuesday! I see the next live coverage is scheduled for 5 pm this afternoon so maybe we might see Roger. Fingers crossed.
11/07/2013 | 01:28 PM
Live from the practice courts at the O2! - http://www.barclaysatpworldtourfinals.com Rfa is about to practise! - http://www.barclaysatpworldtourfinals.com
11/07/2013 | 01:28 PM
Please keep the faith in tennis and everythings that you did for the world Roger.

Take care;god bless you and your family.:-D
Enjoy your tennis to day.
Win or lose...PLease always smile for your fansss.:-D:-D:-D

Thanks RF4WORLD for the link that Roger getting awards.:-D
11/07/2013 | 01:24 PM
Good luck tonight..Roger
You deserved all awards that you got.
We love the way that you always work for your foundation.

So many people critics you when you had been or worked for your foundation but that is the most beautiful thing from the man who his name is..Roger Federer...

The greatest all of time...is the word for Roger ..on and off court.
You lose in the game..but you always win in the heart of the millions millions and also the children that you always support them.
11/07/2013 | 01:12 PM
Kemna are you aware he had a cold and so was under the weather on Tuesday?
11/07/2013 | 01:10 PM
Kemna the staging was amazing and the atmosphere was electric! Shouts of "Let's go Roger, let's go" reverberated throughout the vast 17500 capacity arena, from every corner when he won points. When Roger won the tie break, wow the excitement by the overwhelming majority of the audience.

I was right beside the entrance at court level! Had Roger won he would have signed autographs and I would have had one! Never mind, next time!

Enjoy the match.
11/07/2013 | 12:54 PM
FANCY, I cannot imagine what the roar must have been for you, present there, when Roger won the second set...

Roger has to win from Gasguet...
11/07/2013 | 12:52 PM
Hey FANCY, thank you !!! I am working from home today and I cannot watch the match, but I do want to hear the roar when he enters !!! That is the thing I love the most.

I saw the link for the entire match against Novak, but they did not show the entrance..

Fancy, you were there right?? God, I am jealous of you. Sometimes I didn't watch the match because I was too nervous (also because everywhere there was a LOUSY stream), but I always knew by the roar when Roger won a point.
11/07/2013 | 12:11 PM
2pm UK time.