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Roger defeated by Nadal

10.11.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger's quest for the title at the 2013 ATP World Tour Finals was stopped with a 5-7, 3-6 defeat by Rafael Nadal in the semis today.

The start of the match was very tight and chances looked good for Roger as he had break points on three occasions but unfortunately never managed to go all the way. It was Nadal who then did manage to break Roger's serve to take a 5-4 lead. But as Nadal was serving for the set, Roger battled back and scored a break himself - only for the Spaniard to do so as well on Roger's serve and then serve for the set successfully. In the second set, Roger was broken to fall behind 2-3 and committing too many errors - 32 in total - he was unable to fight back.

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11/14/2013 | 02:04 PM

Is winning A SLAM/MASTERS1000/TOUR FINALS a goal for 33 YEAR OLD Roger in 2014 ?

My point is that the combination of (32 yr old Roger + small racquet) is NOT good enough to win any slams or even masters 1000 tournaments in this era of Nole, Rafa, Delpo, Murray.

To win a slam, Roger may have to beat at least 3 of the top 8 opponents.
That is definitely NOT possible with small racquets at 32 years of age.

The ONLY hope for a GS victory at 32 years is a LARGER racquet.
11/14/2013 | 01:25 PM
Hi Rog,
Very heartbreaking to see you exit from ATP world tour finals - especially after that wonderful win against Delpotro. Very heartening to see you beating on the chest after that win - never seen that kind of reaction from you before. That very reaction shows how much of passion & thirst u still have for this beautiful game. With your hard work, our support, good wishes & prayers hope you have a great 2014. Love you dear! Always yr GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATEST FAN!
11/14/2013 | 11:12 AM
The point here is that outsiders cannot claim with certainty that Roger's racket is a problem of any magnitude.
It's easy for Mats Wilander to say it's time to tinker around, but with the kind of season Roger was having, it was really his call to go back to what was comfortable and familiar, and he did show very respectable results in the indoors season.
I wonder where were you when Roger beat Del Potro twice - one of the hardest hitters of ground strokes on tour, if not THE hardest hitter.
11/14/2013 | 11:05 AM

I have no fixed opinion on what kind of racket Roger needs. It's more about his fitness, and his off-season preparation IMO.

I'm an amateur player myself and I love playing with Pro Staff 95, and it's not crazy to understand why Roger likes his Staff 90. It's even heavier than 95, and both have a fast swing speed and a solid feel on hits. It's fair to imagine that a player who has been playing with the Pro Staff for 15 years would dislike playing with what you call modern rackets.
11/14/2013 | 09:28 AM
Roger bribing journalists -- Yes That was a stupid thought.

But i think we all might agree that it is FAR EASIER TO SLACK OFF than to try to stay the best.
It is easier for anybody (including Roger) to go from HERO to ZERO than vice versa
Roger was nursing a back injury after Indian Wells this year but in the process slacked off and went well past a point of NO return to GS winning form.
So if you and others think that he may win another slam with his outdated racquet. DELUSIONAL.
11/14/2013 | 09:00 AM

Stay tuned for more from our SDANU, the racketeer.
11/14/2013 | 08:50 AM
indeed it is the most retarted suggestion even I have read it in a while
11/14/2013 | 08:48 AM
"Is Roger bribing the journalists to NOT ask about that ?"

That's the most retarded suggestion I've read in a while.
Lol, talk about obsession and projecting it on the entire world.
11/14/2013 | 08:45 AM
It was this same racket that Roger beat both Djokovic and a Murray serving 140 miles per hour serves at Wimbledon last year. Roger didn't age 10 years in 12 months.
So what if it was an "indoor" grand slam? 4-5 sets out of 8 were played with the roof open.
11/14/2013 | 08:43 AM

Those quotes you posted already came up in the past links we shared on Roger's racket. They suggest that he should experiment, but not that the Pro Staff 90 is a bad racket for him.
Going from saying "it's time to experiment" to saying "the Pro Staff 90 is detrimental to Roger's performance" is a giant leap.