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Roger defeated by Nadal

10.11.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger's quest for the title at the 2013 ATP World Tour Finals was stopped with a 5-7, 3-6 defeat by Rafael Nadal in the semis today.

The start of the match was very tight and chances looked good for Roger as he had break points on three occasions but unfortunately never managed to go all the way. It was Nadal who then did manage to break Roger's serve to take a 5-4 lead. But as Nadal was serving for the set, Roger battled back and scored a break himself - only for the Spaniard to do so as well on Roger's serve and then serve for the set successfully. In the second set, Roger was broken to fall behind 2-3 and committing too many errors - 32 in total - he was unable to fight back.

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11/14/2013 | 08:41 AM
how are you now?? i hope you are feeling better
11/14/2013 | 08:09 AM
Probably Roger is finding it very difficult to adjust his hand movements according to the new racquet.

Roger may be having difficulty to restrain his free swinging BHs and FHs to balance the extra power of the larger frames so that the he does NOT generate too much power and over hit the shot long.

HE is so used to the swinging fast with the smaller racquet that he may NOT be able to restrain his fast swings to accommodate the extra power of the larger frame.
11/14/2013 | 07:43 AM
i agree with but leave it to roger.He'll do what he wants.I highly appreciate you for your deep knowledge and a valid reason for what you suggest :) thank you.Atleast we have good and sensible minds in this forum.Let us just hope for the best in 2014.Maybe roger might switch rackets in few tournaments.Even i suggest him to experiment it against big guys.But at the end of the day this man would do what he'd feel is right.If he feels it is right,I got no offence
11/14/2013 | 07:33 AM
YES. Roger has improved. He has played Basel, Paris, Tour Finals as good as AO2013. That is good news.
YES. He has more experience than everybody else.

Rafa - Wimby 2007
Nole - FO 2011 (outdoors) , Wimby 2012 (indoors)
Andy -- AO 2010 (outdoors) , Wimby 2012 (indoors).

For his age, If he continues with the smaller racquet, he may never get past the even the quarters at any slam.
11/14/2013 | 07:22 AM

that is some optimism by the king himself!! thank god he ain't whining unecessarily unlike a few stupid journalists
11/14/2013 | 07:18 AM
nobody has appreciated roger for playing some good tennis after parting ways with his coach.I don't get it why is everyone climbing on roger's back .Let him at peace and whatever he has to do is his problem.I am seriously hating all the bad article updates about roger on my phone.It is his desicion what is to be done and what not.He has had a heck of experience by now and i am pretty sure that he knows by now which racket he has to use.Leave it up to him and let him do what he wants and feels!!!
11/14/2013 | 07:12 AM
Nice link to Roger's post match press conf.

But NOBODY asked Roger about the status of testing larger racquets.

Is Roger bribing the journalists to NOT ask about that ?
or are all those media people really DO NOT care about that ?

They really do NOT seem to know the fact that larger racquets are the most suitable to this generation of tennis.

It will help Roger adapt to this generation of playing style and cut down his UEs.
11/14/2013 | 07:03 AM
nice link :)