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RF and Friends

11.12.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Very excited for my charity match, on January 8 in Melbourne… thank you Tennis Australia.

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12/15/2013 | 09:33 PM
Why Rafa is the GOAT is not his best work for sure. There is a Djokovic article that is wonderful!

As for Murray, he is an Ambassador for tennis after all. Yes he is not the best, but he is not the worst either, not even close. So.... Let's root for tennis :)

Inspired by RF:
12/15/2013 | 09:28 PM

I will pass on your wonderful comments to Rajkamal.

Regarding Tendulkar. Thank you for such wonderful words. To a lot of Indians, he is second only to Gandhi. For my generation, he is our childhood. We grew up with him! We could forget our struggles in 90s India, Tendulkar's achievements!

There is a huge similarity between Federer and Tendulkar and both love Aussies!

Inspired by RF:
12/15/2013 | 09:20 PM
Paddy!!! How can you??? lol
12/15/2013 | 09:17 PM
Thanks Yuki for your fine comments to all parties. You are a true diplomat!
12/15/2013 | 09:11 PM
P.S. I am wanting Murray to win the UK Sports Personality of the Year...not the AO!
12/15/2013 | 09:08 PM
@Mr.RogerTennis...fabulous article by Rajkamal Vasu on Tendulka...not so his one on Rafa is the GOAT. I saw the great man (my favourite cricket player of all time) live playing for his 100th century at the Boxing Day Test in 2011 in Melbourne. I left after he was out at 73 and cried all the way walking back to my hotel. However your own article on RF 'A Force of Nature' had such a WOW factor for me.
I am also wanting Murray to win...he deserves it well and truly.
12/15/2013 | 08:48 PM
Thanks '92 but still they don't like my UK address! Bah humbug!
12/15/2013 | 08:30 PM

I sort of follow the event through this link;

I hope you can understand Swiss German though, because it's all written in Swiss German.
12/15/2013 | 08:21 PM
Looks as if Rogi is still in Dubai. Stan is there though, looking very smart!
12/15/2013 | 08:20 PM
Has anyone outside Switzerland managed to find Roger's award ceremony live online yet? If so could they post the link? Many thanks