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RF and Friends

11.12.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Very excited for my charity match, on January 8 in Melbourne… thank you Tennis Australia.

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12/19/2013 | 02:27 AM
KENNA,YUKI and everyone else
i think novak hiring boris becker as a coach is a REAL STRONG MOVE.Djokovic is quite strong at the time plus boris becker is a sharp mind..I dont know how will things go but i am getting a little worried.. This 2014 is gonna be really interesting...
12/19/2013 | 02:24 AM
hey there! thank u for doing this..My message will reach u.guaranteed
12/19/2013 | 01:45 AM
Hi Everyone,

I have been given the green light for the Brisbane 2014 RE courier. I have created an email for the messages which is birede2014@gmail.com if you would like to send your short messages of support by Friday 27 December or you can send the same message by PM.

Looking forward to the challenge and receiving all of your messages of support.

The 2014 RE thread is now up and can be found by navigating to the following:

Forums / Roger Offcourt / RE2104
12/19/2013 | 12:47 AM
Novak hired Boris Becker as his head coach. Same position Vajda as Annacone, no more to teach?? I hear a lot that Novak is unbeatable, except he lacks netplay.
If Becker makes him unbeatable at that too, will Novak we really and totally unbeatable?? Good news if you are a Novak fan, but what if you are not??
What does this mean for Roger??

Any thoughts???
12/19/2013 | 12:43 AM
Hey guys, shall we now make Roger's second photo number two, since the first one cannot be overtaken by anyone else???
12/19/2013 | 12:41 AM
Yuki, YOU ROCK !!!

Fancyfree, I am not a drama queen, just don't like it when I think that someone is mad at me, thats all. By the way, do you see a pattern beginning??? You and I kind of liking the same dudes... Roger and Yuki??? Girlfight?? Haha

Hulietta, hey girl, oh you just wait until Roger plays again and we have a lot more to comment about !!! Cannot wait for the Goat to start.....
12/18/2013 | 11:36 PM
Thnx PADDYT for the reminder. Now 2177 after my vote. I shall carry on.
12/18/2013 | 10:01 PM
Re The Artist...now 2176 votes but very exciting votes for 'Ombré Federesque'...it is now in # 2 position with 579 votes...has overtaken Delivrance (Nadal) at 558 votes. Go Roger!

12/18/2013 | 09:44 PM
@Federer's#1Fan, TheRealMrsRF, Shatir, ILoveRoger92 and Yuki...so happy you liked the CF. Your comments have made my day...xxxxx.

@FancyFree...I have been to Italy a few times and as for Rome I adore it. We plan to live there for a few months in the next couple of years to absorb every wonderful aspect of it.

Please send your messages to rfre@gmail.com

I must see how The Artist is going...will get back to you on that.
12/18/2013 | 06:30 PM