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Great news

24.12.2013 | Off Court, Starseite 3

Mirka and I are very happy to share the news that Myla & Charlene will be big sisters in 2014! Happy Holidays.

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12/26/2013 | 04:17 PM
Congratulations Roger and Mirka -- wonderful news and a wonderful way to kick off the new season. All the very best for the tournaments, the pregnancy and the birth. You know you have so many affectionate fans cheering for you both!
12/26/2013 | 03:53 PM
Congratulations on the happy news and thanks for the Christmas surprise! I hope all goes well for Mirka and you as you await your new child. Wishing health and happiness to all of the Federer family and team. And good luck for renewed success on the tour in 2014! Blessed Christmas and happy new year!
Larry P.
12/26/2013 | 03:45 PM
Congratulation ! All the best to your family !
12/26/2013 | 03:38 PM
Roger and Mirka, Congratulations! You'll have new blessings on 2014. Will he/she/them be males or females??? Lol,lol. Once twin always twins, some say. Regardless, a blessing from God. Psalm 127: 3-5. Hopefully they folow you as wonderful tennis players. Againb, god bless you all. Happy New Year!! :~)
12/26/2013 | 03:19 PM
wowwwwwwww!!!!!! Congtrazzzzzzzz rogiiiiii!!!! :D so happy for u & ur family!!! lotssss and lotsssss of love & good wishes for u guys :D :D
12/26/2013 | 02:45 PM
Congrats Roger!!!!!!
Hope u and ur family well and happy new year;)
12/26/2013 | 02:31 PM
12/26/2013 | 01:25 PM
Congratulations Mirka and Roger on the announcement of the impending birth of your third child. The girls will adore the baby. All the best too for 2014 and hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and God bless.From Pam in wonderful Australia.
12/26/2013 | 01:08 PM
many congratulations Mirka & Roger hope all goes well and the new addition will be healthy.
12/26/2013 | 01:04 PM
I pray and hope he is a BOY- Robert Junior FEDERER! Kikikiiii