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Great news

24.12.2013 | Off Court, Starseite 3

Mirka and I are very happy to share the news that Myla & Charlene will be big sisters in 2014! Happy Holidays.

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12/26/2013 | 01:03 PM


London, United KINGDOM
12/26/2013 | 12:49 PM
Congrats Dearest Rogi, Mirka and the Girls!!
This time surely it would be a Son!!!
12/26/2013 | 10:41 AM
Hello Roger
Congratuations wonderful news. Lets hope that the pregnancy goes well for Mirka. As for the the big sisters in waiting ,I have no doubt whatesoever that they will 'kill' the new baby with love and kindness. Little girls are usually very motherly and like to help with babies!
We are looking forward to seeing you in Brisbane in a couple of days.
Kindest regards
12/26/2013 | 09:48 AM
Dear federer I am extremely happy for you and mirka
No one deserves it more than you both do
I love you and wish you the heartier congratulations
12/26/2013 | 09:30 AM
Dear Roger,
Congratulations. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.
12/26/2013 | 08:18 AM
Brilliant news! Looking forward to 2014 in so many ways! Take care all of you! Pxxx
12/26/2013 | 07:48 AM
Congratulations.Merry Christmas to yours and your family.
12/26/2013 | 07:42 AM
Another beautiful girl or a good looking boy!
Congratulations to all your family, especially to you and Mirka.
Tennis still needs you though...always a gentleman, generous, giving and elegant.
You are Number 1 / RF / The King / The Genius...
Rafa can be a far 2.
Unlike others of Serbia, the ATP should kick them all out, they all are clowns and drug users.
12/26/2013 | 07:11 AM
Awwww...Roger, that's absolutely the best news, congratulations to all! What a blessing...Merry Christmas!
12/26/2013 | 05:50 AM
Congratutation to you Roger & Mirka..Glad n very happy to hear this good news.. Tennis is not everything in your life, family is more important to you which invaluable to you....Of couse, peoples globally expecting and more happy if you play great tennis & win tournament and Grand Slam..All the best & good luck to you Roger in yr next tournament & Australian Open