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Roger defeated in final

05.01.2014 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger was defeated by Llyeton Hewitt in the Brisbane final 1-6, 6-4, 3-6.


"I didn't play great today which is a bit unfortunate. But also Lleyton was the best player I played this week. He made it toughest on me. So I have a clear idea what I need to work on, and I have a clear idea where my mind and body is at. I'm very hungry and eager to attack the Australian Open next week," Roger said. The Open starts on January 13th.

Roger committed a total of 22 unforced errors in the opening set and was broken three times. He fought back in the second set, securing it thanks to a break in in the ninth game. But our champ dropped his serve once again in the fourth game of the decider and unfortunately could not make use of his seven break points, eventually having to admit defeat after 2h 07.

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01/06/2014 | 08:25 AM
Somehow I felt, he did not wanted to win. Such a humble person he is , probably he wanted Hewitt to win in front of his home crowd. I'm talking about last two sets. Yes in first set he was playing really badly. But I felt he did not try that hard at the end. he is not tired I'm sure, but considering his age under 41*C, yes , he has to be calculative specially ahead of a Major. What do you think?
01/06/2014 | 08:21 AM
Congrats, Roger. In tournament your game looked very solid so keep on doing what you know and got talented. 17 GS proves a lot and there´s a room for couple more. No doubts, Champ, no doubts. Take care your loved ones, especially your beautiful wife Mirka.
01/06/2014 | 08:17 AM
Dear Idol,
This was the first match I was able to see in India.
Excerpts-You are looking much handsome,younger & have put on some weight too compared to last year you looked such skinny & aged. Rest , on match facts I'm simply none to tell you what went wrong except that I felt really sad & just a bit disappointed to see you not to put little extra effort when you have gained control of the match. Hope you have reserved it all for AO.
All the best.
01/06/2014 | 08:05 AM
grande torneo ROGER, FORZA ORA GLI AUSTRALIAN OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!
01/06/2014 | 07:42 AM
Congrats Federer!
You can know watch in your mind and body to see that you can broke the Australian Open!!
So, COME ON ROGER!! You can win Australian Open!
01/06/2014 | 07:39 AM
Good luck for the Australian Open next week.
01/06/2014 | 07:16 AM
The commentators (in particular Roger Rasheed) said that Roger should try to extend the rallies to find the timing and rhythm on this ground strokes.
and that Hewitt should try to keep the points short and NOT play Roger into a good form.
Hewitt did his part well.
But Roger hesitated to engage in long rallies. WHY ? WAS HE INJURED ?
If either is the case , then we can kiss good bye to his GS chances.
Fatigue or Injury in just 5 days of match play MEANS physically he is DON
01/06/2014 | 07:06 AM

23 Unforced errors in the first set -- NO WORRIES HERE..
that Roger repeatedly tried to hit big and end the point sooner when he actually was trying to find his rhythm and timing on the ground strokes.

Normally, anybody who wants to find the rhythm, timing and range on the ground strokes tries to have EXTENDED LONG rallies..
BUT Roger choose to do the exact opposite and ends up giving excuses that HE could NOT find the rhythm ???
01/06/2014 | 06:52 AM
Roger NO longer has a disadvantage in terms of
1) power
2) size of sweet spot (larger racquet is MORE forgiving on off center hits)
When it comes to MODERN racquets, Roger is NOW on par with the rest of the tour players.

So instead of whining about SLOW courts, Roger should get out there ready to engage in a baseline slug fest with the top players, outmaneuver and beat them with the vast array of shots that he has..

Sorry Stefan Edberg... Serve & Volley -- a thing of the past, outdated.
01/06/2014 | 06:33 AM


I believe this is actually a BLESSING disguised as a CURSE for Roger..