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Roger defeated in final

05.01.2014 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger was defeated by Llyeton Hewitt in the Brisbane final 1-6, 6-4, 3-6.


"I didn't play great today which is a bit unfortunate. But also Lleyton was the best player I played this week. He made it toughest on me. So I have a clear idea what I need to work on, and I have a clear idea where my mind and body is at. I'm very hungry and eager to attack the Australian Open next week," Roger said. The Open starts on January 13th.

Roger committed a total of 22 unforced errors in the opening set and was broken three times. He fought back in the second set, securing it thanks to a break in in the ninth game. But our champ dropped his serve once again in the fourth game of the decider and unfortunately could not make use of his seven break points, eventually having to admit defeat after 2h 07.

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01/08/2014 | 04:39 AM
So lets sum it up. The reasons for the Loss are

1) Extra power of the new racquet -- learning to control it is a Work In Progress.

2) Fast court speed did NOT help 1)

3) Hewitt's high level of play. I heard the commentators say Hewitt's speciality is the BH lob. He did execute a few lobs perfectly at crucial points.

4) Roger played the MOST NUMBER OF MATCHES in Brisbane (3 doubles + 4 singles ) AND long practice sessions in scorching heat RESULTING IN EXHAUSTION.

01/08/2014 | 12:44 AM
Melb can be quite unseasonably cool at this time of the year but the next day a heat wave. However, during the AO it can get extremely hot tho hopefully not like it did in Brisbane on Saturday.
01/07/2014 | 11:51 PM
The UK have had a lot of flooding so far this winter although temperatures almost on par with Southern Europe!

I was in Melbourne once many many years ago for one day in December and the temperature dropped dramatically and the wind - wow! I don't think it gets as hot as the rest of Australia?
01/07/2014 | 11:38 PM
Thanks Fancyfree, I am very excited and looking forward to presenting him with the CF tonight but especially about meeting him. A lovely sunny day here in Melbourne.
01/07/2014 | 11:04 PM
Paddy you must be getting so excited!!! Please give Roger a big hug from all of us!!! X
01/07/2014 | 07:21 PM
@Yuki...how are you lovely friend to us all on this site...really appreciate how you look out for us and Roger.
Cheers, Paddy
01/07/2014 | 06:22 PM
@Mr.RogerTennis...again thoroughly enjoyed the articles tho I seriously wished yr prediction and the voting in the same article 'Greatest Player on Planet takes on Australia's Best' (love the title) had eventuated.

Also enjoyed the article by Toby Reiner...'5 Great Performances at Melbourne Park'. I hope and pray Toby can write an update to his article a 5th and record breaking title for RF in 2014!

Go Roger in the AO!
01/07/2014 | 06:19 PM

01/07/2014 | 06:12 PM
****chieko89 san, you too, my dear one - keep up YOUR good work - I always read your words.
01/07/2014 | 05:19 PM
@Sdanu...I am going to add in exhaustion. I was there watching 4 rows from the front. The other days even closer rows...booked my seats the minute they came on sale. On Saturday he played 2 big matches plus I heard a long practice session in scorching heat. On Sunday there was definitely not the spark in his game he showed the rest of the week. He did not go for points he was going for the rest of the week e.g. the Hewitt lobs he did not bother with. He looked damn tired to me.