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Two tennis Greats in training

11.03.2007 | Tennis

They only faced each other one single time on the Tour – in Wimbledon in 2001 – Roger taking home the match 7-5 in the fifth set. Last Wednesday in Los Angeles, Roger and Pete Sampras, winners of 24 Grand Slam Titles among them, met again on a tennis court for a training session. Here is Roger’s report:


How does Pete play nowadays?

It might sound surprising but he still plays very well. But not well enough to beat me (laughs).


Could you tell us more about the session together?

It was great. I knew I’d be travelling to Los Angeles and thought about whom I could meet there. So I called Pete and asked if he was interested. His answer was “yes, of course!”; I was excited. As a kid he had been one of my favourite players, so I wanted to learn more about his game. Defeating him in Wimbledon had been special to me. I wanted to try to beat him at home this time. So it was most enjoyable that we were able to organise this training session. It could be great to play an exhibition match sometime soon, but we will see what happens. Anyhow, I must say that he still plays very well.


Did you play some sets?

Yes, we played games, sets and tie-breaks.


What was the score?

I can’t tell you but we had a great time.





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03/15/2007 | 02:29 PM
Dear Roger,

You were really nice to call Pete(who wrote you a message) when you came to LA, and you were very welcome to train tennis with him before playing in Indian Wells. How generous Pete was! He was interested in playing tennis with you although
03/15/2007 | 06:45 AM
I'm glad you got together with Pete Sampras. Sound like you had fun. Both of you are great tennis players, classic, nice guys & good looking.
03/14/2007 | 01:05 AM
Dear Roger,
I think that many people just cannot understand that you are human!!!!...
I am very sad because you lost at Indian Wells but you still have a lot of time to break any record you want!!!... If you break all the records so soon you won`t have
03/14/2007 | 12:02 AM
I surely would have loved to see you and Pete Sampras playing together again. I know it was enjoyable and I know that Pete has said you are going to break his record. I want to be around when that hpapens so I can congratulate you! Your comments on losing
03/13/2007 | 11:49 PM
Does Pete still stick his tongue out like a dog every time he serves?

Hairy ApeMan sucks. He made tennis boring, while Roger brought artistry back to the game!

No comparison, Roger is a million times more fascinating to watch than Pete... in ev
03/13/2007 | 07:51 PM
Hi Roger,
I don't know what to say about Pete Sampras, except he's a good server.
I grew up in Palos Verdes Estates, and my first lessons were at Jack Kramer's. I think that is where he trained. I think he is from Rolling Hills Estates.
Lindsey Davenp
03/13/2007 | 02:09 AM
i love you Roger
03/13/2007 | 01:25 AM
What a wonderful moment for the two of you to enjoy!!! I like that. Sounds like fun.
03/12/2007 | 06:51 PM
Hey, Roger!!! Hahahaaa, you played with Sampras!!! That is so AWESOME!!! Well, anyway, I really guess he's not playing good enough to defeat you¬¬... that was a nice joke!!!! It was a joke, wasn't it????? (laughs!!!!).
Yeah, it really would be nice if I
03/12/2007 | 02:10 PM
Hi Roger, Today was not your day but you have had 161 weeks of good days and given us your best. One bad day after all is not so bad. Enjoy the rest of your days. Best regards,
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