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Roger flies into quarters

20.01.2014 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger secured the last spot in the quarters of the Australian Open with a 6-3, 7-5, 6-4 victory over Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

It took our champ under two hours to defeat the Frenchman, showing a flawless display with a variety of shots and great variety throughout, 43 winners, seven aces and 21 unforced errors. It is the 11th straight year our champ has reached the quarters in Melbourne and the 41st time in his career that he will play a quarter final at a major - Roger has level Jimmy Connors' record.

Next up is a quarter-final clash with Andy Murray on Wednesday, certainly a match to look forward to.

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01/22/2014 | 01:26 PM
edit - Surprisingly you misunderstood! The commentator was not speaking English but translating into German so you couldn't hear what Roger was saying in his interview!
01/22/2014 | 01:25 PM
Surprisingly you misunderstood! The commentator was not speaking English but translating into German so you couldn't hear Roger what Roger was saying in his interview!
01/22/2014 | 01:23 PM
WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! What a superb victory Roger!!!! Simply awesome and just another masterclass example by you.I wish you could have won in Set 3 but its OK a victory is a victory and the happiness caused is really really immense right now.I am gonna party for this one.Welcome back to the Semis of the aussie open and now you gotta defeat Rafa.Continue the good act and please make Break points soon.Don't waste them.U got a day off to relax and prepare for the SF!! ALLEZ ROGER!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!
01/22/2014 | 01:22 PM
i'm certain he'll be back.He has all the time in the world to be reported and come back with a different flag in about 2 seconds,so he will come back.It's a psychiatric issue,it can't be changed without proper meds.
01/22/2014 | 01:21 PM
☆Bravo Roger!!! You are a true fierce lion on the court, a peRfect machine. You are renewed and stronger!!! Congratulations Champion!!! you're so wondeRful!!! Have a good night's rest!!! God bless you, your beautiful family and your team!!! ☆

☼ You are an amazing and admirable athlete!!! ☼

01/22/2014 | 01:21 PM
CJM it was so frustrating! And then as I said when it returned I had German commentators talking over Roger ..... zzz
01/22/2014 | 01:20 PM
Do you have any slight idea where is that wise **** man hiding now?
01/22/2014 | 01:19 PM
fancyfree,you have to let it go my dear.They don't have to speak english perfectLY.it isn't their mother language.Don't take it wrong,i'm saying it with love,there is no point.
01/22/2014 | 01:17 PM
OMG, I haven't seen Roger dominating Andy since ages.
I adore the new racket. It's giving him more power, speed and he's also committing less unforced errors than the previous years. I couldn't believe that Roger was dominating the long rallies today. Also he had more winners than Andy and i think he committed less unforced errors also. The backhand was superb and the forehand was mighty. I also love Edberg. I think he has a great psychic and mental effect on Roger. Comeooooooooon.
01/22/2014 | 01:17 PM

Your signal went off in the last game, I would have had a heart attack !
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