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Roger defeated in the semis

24.01.2014 | Tennis, Starseite 3

Roger's quest for the title at the 2014 Australian Open was stopped with a 6-7(4), 3-6, 3-6 loss against Rafael Nadal in the semis today.


The two players started with a tough opening set with only Nadal managing two break points which Roger fought off successfully. Nadal was the more efficient one in the tie-break, eventually winning the set after just under an hour of play. Roger had to drop his serve for the first time in the middle of the second set, falling 2-4 behind and later losing the set. An early break in set number three seemed to give Roger some momentum as he broke right back - but unfortunately only to drop his serve once again right afterwards. Nadal then held his serve and managed to break our champ a third time in the set to win the match and book a spot in Sunday's final against Roger's fellow countryman, Stanislas Wawrinka.

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01/30/2014 | 05:13 PM
Don't encourage him!
01/30/2014 | 05:12 PM
Romeo, weren't you teaching someone English?
It's spelled "genius", not "genious".

But it's no pleasure seeing you in the pits of the world, as Big Mac would put it.
01/30/2014 | 05:09 PM
Lol - here he's just misspelled Kemna to Kenma.

Btw Rogeria - you're wrong again about the point you made yesterday:
Roger Federer has played 58 matches in 13 years for the swiss team (avg of 4.6 ties per year).
Stan has played 42 matches in 10 years for an average of 4.2

Moreover Roger's win percent is 74% while Stan's is less than 50%. So Roger's services to Switzerland are pretty much incomparable. Ready to dig, Romeo?
01/30/2014 | 05:09 PM
Well there's a surprise!
01/30/2014 | 05:08 PM

Shatira & haters, it's a pleasure to get you off your high horse.
01/30/2014 | 05:07 PM
I wonder what Kemna is going to say next! lol
01/30/2014 | 05:06 PM
Thanks, Kemna. :)
It's pretty simple really for a person working in technology.
01/30/2014 | 05:06 PM
Click on this second link of Shatir's to see the next "victim" lol
01/30/2014 | 05:01 PM
Yeah dude, find another "tasteless, insipid" forum to grace with your wit and way with words.

We Roger fans don't care about Tennis or Rafa or numbers - we just love Roger and like to talk to others of our kind.
You might be bored with yourself, desperate to find entertainment, but we shall soon get bored of you too and you won't have too many new tricks to pull out of your bag.
01/30/2014 | 04:58 PM
Shatira, you're a total genious!