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Roger opens Davis Cup

31.01.2014 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger will open the first round tie in the Davis Cup World Group against Serbia's Ilija Bozoljac (ATP 268).


Friday, from 14:00: Bozoljac - Roger followed by Lajovic - Wawrinka.
Saturday, from 15:00: Krajinovic / Zimonjic - Chiudinelli / Lammer.
Sunday, from 13:00: Lajovic - Roger followed by Bozoljac - Wawrinka.



Dusan Lajovic (ATP 102), Filip Krajinovic (ATP 237), Ilija Bozoljac (ATP 268) Nenad Zimonjic (ATP 12 doubles)


Stanislas Wawrinka (ATP 3), Roger Federer (ATP 8) Marco Chiudinelli (ATP 180), Michael Lammer (ATP 441)

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01/31/2014 | 02:38 PM
01/31/2014 | 02:38 PM
Good match for now.
01/31/2014 | 02:37 PM

What's the score then?
01/31/2014 | 02:36 PM
and i don't get it why you've put this link,so that everyone can see and congratulate his stupidity?.......
Anyway,at some point i'll change my account and inform some of you which my new one is privately.
I will tell you when and then you will know that the one he created isn't the same with mine.
If he is so nutcase,this can't change without doctor's help,so we will have to do sth for ourselves.The webteam is incompetent.I've reported the incident 2 hours ago,but they don't seem to be talent
01/31/2014 | 02:34 PM
Roger has broken! Yeh!!!
01/31/2014 | 02:31 PM
This match is not an easy one for Roger so far .....
01/31/2014 | 02:30 PM
H, sorry you really are misunderstanding. That new member has your name and shouldn't be there!

I am aware of the new identity.

Shatir emailed the web team yesterday with the solution. All they seem to have done is delete the last two pages of the news article about Roger's defeat to Rfa. Nothing else. They have obviously not solved the problem.
01/31/2014 | 02:27 PM
No break yet .....
01/31/2014 | 02:20 PM
Have a look H. There is ac account with your name and with a photo. Joined 30/01/2014 - http://www.rogerfederer.com/en/esp/memberlist.html
01/31/2014 | 02:10 PM
actually,he is online right now,changing photos every two minutes.The guy is a nutcase with syndromes.So,i'm just telling you,do whatever you want,or don't do nothing.I'm actually bored of all this and won't continue giving a damn about it.