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Roger, three questions

20.03.2007 | Tennis

You once said that you’d like to be a musician, performing in front of a huge crowd in a stadium. What kind of artist would you like to be?


Rockstar, I guess. I’d like to be Lenny Kravitz… I saw him live in Paris and was touched by the way he interacted with the audience and how the fans reacted, I loved it. I’d really like to experience that once. Or I’d like to be a soccer star. I don’t think you can beat the feeling of playing live in front of a crowd that size. These are moments we all dream of. I am very lucky to be able to live my dream in tennis.



Roger, you are receiving large amounts of praise and awards. Don’t you sometimes feel that it is all a bit too much?


I guess I have merited the praise, but I do sometimes wish people would give me some more time and say: okay, you’re doing a great job, all these records and so on, but let’s wait until the end of your career and see if you were really the best looking back from that point – or if you even get close. I don’t play to break records, I play to win. I’m not surprised people talk about it, but I do occasionally think it is too much for me.



One of your next goals is certainly winning the Grand Slam. Would it be a failure if you didn’t make it?


No, no way. I think what people really want to see me do is win the French Open. They’ve more or less seen all the rest, I think. It’s obvious, if I were able to choose, I’d go for the French Open, but the most emotional and best title to me will always be Wimbledon.

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04/01/2007 | 09:08 PM
if you were a rockstar i think you'd be as successful as in tennis =)) and you'd be the best as you are now =))
03/27/2007 | 12:17 PM
Dear Roger
We fans love you. We support everything you do. We smile to see your smiling face. We are heartbroken when you lost. Please believe me that with this great love of ours you can conquer the world. Go chase your dream.
luv you.
03/27/2007 | 08:13 AM
Dear Roger, do not worry about what people say or think, we fans adore you because you are always just yourself and that is the way we love you. Close to perfect but not perfect, you are a human being after all, and thank God you still loose now and then!
03/27/2007 | 05:30 AM
you always know what to say and how to say it...the class you display to the public is just amazing

you are by far the best ambassador for this sport...simply amazing
03/27/2007 | 04:56 AM
My dear Rog (Leo). Congratulations on your 4 awards. It is such a pleasure to know that you are liked and loved by so many people...
You desirve it all. Great talent requires a lot of work. It is always about your expectations from yourself. The res
03/26/2007 | 10:55 PM
What a great interview.

That is what your fans want to see. While it is good to see you breaking records what really matters at the end of the day is that you remain fit and healthy and enjoy playing amazing tennis and winning your matches. What you
03/26/2007 | 10:48 PM
C´mon Roger!! It is always a huge pleasure to watch you playing! And your on and offcourt behavior is perfect and that´s why I´m a huge fan of you and watching you playing makes me love tennis even more!!!

Thanks for everything!!

03/25/2007 | 01:29 PM
I love you Roger
03/25/2007 | 05:45 AM
Good luck Roger -- you will win the French.
03/25/2007 | 04:07 AM
Querido Roger:
Que Dios te acompañe en este torneo y los muchos que te faltan por ganar.
Te queremos mucho en Mexico!
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