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Roger defeated in final

17.03.2014 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger was defeated 6-3, 3-6, 6-7(3) by Novak Djokovic in today's final in Indian Wells.

Roger started brilliantly, taking a 3-0 lead thanks to aggressive play and great serves, taking the first set. Unfortunately he couldn't continue on the exact same level in the second set, falling behind with an early break. In the decider, Djokovic was a break up again and serving for the set when Roger came back with a fantastic return game to  stay in the match. Later, in the tie-break, Roger was clearly defeated 3-7.

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03/17/2014 | 07:28 AM
watch your every shot day or night, Interesting one of comms commented during your SF that, usually if a player wins the first set and is up 2 breaks in the 2nd, spectators more often than not start moving out of the stadium--Never with Roger Federer as they want to see you play, they said. With your beautiful style you must be the most watched/loved tennis player in the world.
My parents always told us :The aim of the journey is the journey itself.
Looking forward to Miami
03/17/2014 | 07:24 AM
Congrats Roger!
Just a little bit. You was at serving in beggining of the tiebreak. You loose in start 0-1. That was your confidence, your fight and mentally Novak broke to 0-3 for him. There was the final of the great championship that you made in Indian Wells. You are so close to be on this age almost only player in all history of tennis to be so good in the net. Federer you are the CHAMP of our minds in what we are named TENNIS. Go for more in MIAMI and win! COME ON ROGER! COME ON!!
03/17/2014 | 07:17 AM
playing wonderful tennis AND only losing by 1 shot 98 points Novak 99--how can someone say that the better player won--a dead heat and that is sport. Also the 3D cameras show us much more that the normal cameras including, as it seems, Novak being given some coaching from his box .
You state that you are feeling well and look relaxed and happy--that is all that matters to me--health & happiness.
Your love is to play tennis and enjoy playing it pain free, which millions around the world
03/17/2014 | 07:12 AM
Hey, Fed ! Great tournament...great match ! Looking forward to another fantastic year with you, so let's go get Miami now ! Hey Djoko and Nadal...we'll see you there on the Fed-Express ! Wooo Hoooo !! FUN !
03/17/2014 | 07:08 AM
Hi Roger

Promise me not to beat yourself too hard about this loss! You played a great tournament. The old Federer is back, but now even stronger than before. Remember, you were quite close at beating Djokovic. He obviously had to play 110 % to beat you. There is no doubt that this year will be a great year for you.

Keep up the great work!
03/17/2014 | 07:07 AM
Hello Roger
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful weeks of tennis that you have given us so far this year. Brisbane, Melbourne where we had the honour to watch you play Roger Federer and Friends, followed by the AO, over to Serbia for DC, back to Dubai, now Indian Wells. 1 S/F 2 finals. 2 wins
including DC . What other player has done all of that? No-one.
Perhaps & understandably so, you may have felt a little weary BUT as always you gave your very best
03/17/2014 | 06:43 AM
Congratulations Roger ! It was a great tournament. Good luck for the next tournament.
03/17/2014 | 06:40 AM
Congratulations Roger, good tournament.
Your game is the best of ATP.
Good luck in Miami.
03/17/2014 | 06:34 AM
Nice tournament, Champ, very nice. Cant wait to see you on the court with the best tennis. Champion you are and will be. Congrats Roger.
03/17/2014 | 06:07 AM
We love you Federer....! All the best for Miami....!! Believe in yourself.....coz we deeply believe in you....!!!