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Roger right on track

27.03.2007 | Tennis

Roger will get a chance to revenge his defeat by Guillermo Canas in Indian Wells after setting up a fourth round meeting with the Argentinean at the Sony Ericsson Open, who busted his 41-match win streak two weeks ago at Indian Wells.


Roger struggled for a time not only with heavy-hitting Nicolas Almagro (ESP/29) but also with chair umpire Mohammad Lahyani and a few lines people with whom he had issues, but he was never in serious trouble in a 7-5, 6-3 win. He clearly found his rhythm at the start of the second set, breaking Almagro three times in a row.


Asked if he was ready for Roger, Canas replied: "Yeah, I am ready. Yes, I'm ready. I'm ready to enjoy it again, to be in the center court against the No. 1 in the world," he said confidently. Roger doesn't often have more unforced errors (26) than winners (24), but he did against Almagro, and his lack of consistency did annoy him. "If I look at the whole match, I think it was a very good one and I can build on that for the next match."


The next one is certainly one of the exciting matches a great number of fans have been hoping for!

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03/28/2007 | 03:50 AM
Dear, Roger!

If I tell you that I'm upset that not to tell anything. We all know that you are the human, not robot, that you can have bad days. But your lost today is something that not supposed to happened.
You are the PRO, you are not a teen, you t
03/28/2007 | 03:31 AM
i was on my way home from work when the 3rd set was at 4-4, i was so hoping that roger will win. i was sadden to find out that he lose on the tie break. i can't watch the match i have on video - it was just too close a match.

i'm sure roger will tak
03/28/2007 | 03:24 AM
I respect facts: The facts are Canas was taking drugs and the effects of those drugs are still in his system. I think that if a player caught by using drugs, should suspended for life. On top of that he was stealing time after every point. The chair ump
03/28/2007 | 03:17 AM
dear roger:
i am soooooooooooo sorry to hear that. and i think the game will play tomorrow because i am a Chinese . and now feel very upset about lossing the game against the same person.
But as you know , one lose maybe two doesn't mean much in
03/28/2007 | 02:55 AM
last year nadal was out on round 2 down to moya.
this year I'm sure he'll win the sony ericsson.
so the gap will close to under 2000 points between him and roger.

i think this will be the year when roger will have to proove to all of us that he's cap
03/28/2007 | 02:41 AM
Dear Roger,
I adore you like a kid brother--and right now i want to give u a big hug--really feel for your loss.
Pls take away the positive aspects of the match, because you played so much better than Canas--won more games, more breaks, more points and
03/28/2007 | 02:36 AM
Hi Rog,
To be honest, we all are now upset. I think you wil be the worse one..I'm sorry for your lose. I watched the match. It seems like you missed a lot of shots that you always hit so well before.
So, it likes you lost it instead of Canas win it..Wh
03/28/2007 | 02:33 AM
Dear Roger,

I couldn't believe that you let him go in the 3rd set when you had a break up and a couple of break points. He couldn't do anything but just struggled to put the ball back in play. You were beating up yourself by making all those errors. Yo
03/28/2007 | 02:24 AM
I don't like Canas; he doesn't seem that classy and he looks awfully ripped in the upper body and legs.perhaps too ripped. but hey, I'm not a sore loser. Roger, we fans are behind you 100%! win AND lose with dignity and the clay season awaits. ignore all
03/28/2007 | 02:24 AM
To The (boisterous, obnoxious and intolerable) Canas Fans (that post on this website and/or have no sportsmanship in Miami):

So what. A lot of people have beaten Roger two times, this just happened to be in a row, that's all. If Fed wasn't meant to wi
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